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    Everyday... 05:20


    by bigchris717 (11/6/09) 143 views

    People take advantage of: shoes, trash, clothes and video game characters everyday not realizing the mental damage they have to deal with... Lets all change our ways, and donate to Bigc.... i mean Everyday Life Corp. (Brother- Daniel in video. also it was his initial idea, and than I branched on it)

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    Infomercial Parody 06:24

    Infomercial Parody

    by bigchris717 (10/8/09) 142 views

    The BoomWow: the best invention since our latest invention, which was also the BoomWow! / In the video- Hal a peno: Philip/ Pepperchini: Me/ Jose: Sergio/ 10 yrs older: Jonathan/ kid: Daniel/ Screaming and clapping in the background: Michelle, Pablo/ This video was filmed and edited by Hugo... BOOMWOW!

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    Best Beatboxers Alive 03:44

    Best Beatboxers Alive

    by bigchris717 (9/5/09) 221 views

    Brothers: Jonathan, Daniel/ The editing is not how i wanted it to be. I had tremendous trouble on this video, it was supposed to be up like over a month ago. With my laptop broken and the program being bi-polar nothing can get done. but heres what i had

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    Nursery Rap Battle 03:52

    Nursery Rap Battle

    by bigchris717 (8/8/09) 766 views

    Father Duck vs Doctor Chreuss DR. CHREUSS: Please, why dont you duck-duck get out of my face yo. I dont play around. the only way my lyrics can be typed up is in Rhymes New Roman. Just play it safe like a master lock and scidaddle. FATHER DUCK: I would love to go Doc, but I got a lyriCyst- right on my skin, and you gotta check it out. But dont get too close homie, cuz if you cough cough then it might get physical doc. DR. CHREUSS: You aint my father- duck, your nothing to me so when I say you dont exist- your nothing to see. My lines are elementary but yours are preschool, my lines will make you see the nursery so homie be cool! FATHER DUCK: Oh the places youll go when you mess with me, a quick hook youll land in the Atlantic and the travel is free, while your in the ocean youll have but one wish, that you never talked about the red and the blue fish. DR. CHREUSS: I pushed Jack down the hill, laughed as he hit the ground, and I fetched a date with jill, he let out a huge frown, mine was upside down, and I laughed some more as his pale and the water fell on him- while he was still laying on the floor FATHER DUCK: Cmon son- u gotta get with the times, its not just me that does it, the whole nursery rhymes. U aint scarin nobody, cuz ur a little tall, Ill do u like humpty dumpty and youll have a greater fall. DR. CHREUSS: I dont give a green eggs and ham watchu think- son of a goose, ill get my left foot , right foot, and kick you in the caboose! I dont really care about Little Miss Muffet, when worst comes to worse ill let my spider loose. FATHER DUCK: Hickory, dickory, dock, I dont wanna see you round my block, if I do ill think it through and probably shoot you with a rock. DR. CHREUSS: The Doc is in the house, your prescription is pain, most people are out crazy but messing with me your insane, better back off, u better fall away cuz the Grinch aint the only one that stole that holiday. FATHER DUCK: Dr. be nimble, doc be quick, this doc is the patient, even though im the one thats sick, cuz my lines are ill, I use em at will, each word that I say is a lethal weapon and its verbal kill. Momma Goose always said my rhymes give her the chills, so I packed an extra sweater for ya doc, for real! DR CHREUSS: Forget a cat in my hat, I got a bat in my hat, but less chat be smart and leave cuz I laid out the unwelcome mat. FATHER DUCK: Youre an American hero, but tell Uncle Sam I am, a dangerous duck to mess with, and im glad I am. DR. CHREUSS: Come close father duck, let me tell you a riddle? When a cat loses all nine lives who cares about the fiddle! FATHER DUCK: Horton heard who!?! Well he better hear me too, my dame had lost my shoe cuz of that cock-a-doodle-doo. I aint done with u doc, no apple can keep me away, its reeses for the poets and its on this ground we play. DR. CHREUSS: Ima keep it real calm cuz there are kids around, plus its reeses and we on the playground. Yes we are poets, so wait for the next stanza, cuz im having a father duck tape extravaganza! You think the doc wont give a nurse surgery, this battle is an emergence of ease, one of the medical emergencies. You need a big band aid for this cut, this doc doesnt curse so get my foot book out your butt. Cursing is dumb, no need for little Bo-beep beeps. Im at the line where poetry and phd meets. So forget your family tree of son duckling, you- father duck and your mother goose Who won this battle: Your friendly neighborhood Dr. Chreuss.

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    Optimus Mime 06:53

    Optimus Mime

    by bigchris717 (6/7/09) 107 views

    Optimus just miming his own business. Thanks to: Eric: Filming/Bro: Jonathan for driving/ Anthony and Diana: for chillin in the man van.

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