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    Grinding Biochar 02:45

    Grinding Biochar

    by biocharguy (6/14/11) 96 views This short video describes the process used to grind the large chunks of biochar into a finer material. Hosted by Mark Sisson of Michigan Biochar.

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    Biochar Experiement Four: Final Biochar Results 01:19

    Biochar Experiement Four: Final Biochar Results

    by biocharguy (6/1/11) 22 views This is the final video before we put the plants outside. There is quite a remarkable difference in the size of the plants. Thus we have proven what we were looking for - that biochar is a superior soil amendment and aids considerably in growth.

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    Biochar Experiment Part One 12:23

    Biochar Experiment Part One

    by biocharguy (5/4/11) 21 views This is the first in a series of videos. We are attempting to see what the difference is when innoculating biochar with the different potting soils, and the compost we have on hand. We will also do some without the biochar, then make comparison