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I can understand how this guy feels about his new bike. I have owned several myself. Just wait a few seconds later........This was in an email spam I got.
  • 19 Dec 2011
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*******www.expertcarpenter**** is the website. We have a 2004 Chevy Silverado Pick Up truck that has an upholstery problem. Trying to get someone to fix it. Bob McGuire
  • 18 Sep 2011
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*******www.dollhospital**** is our Website and The Toy Soldier and Doll Hospital Shop is our name. Check out our web site for details on all we do and what we sell.
  • 18 Nov 2010
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We do a lot of work for people displaced by the economy. This is one of these jobs. This was a tough one. The video equipment is from *******expertwaterproofing**** as usual
  • 13 Sep 2010
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With this info you can find a lot of leaks and actually see them leaking in real Time. That info can be helpful. If you want to get the leaks fixed right we can do it. check us out at *******basementwaterproofingmichiganusa**** or call 586 703 0112
  • 21 Jul 2010
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In Denmark they continue to think up innovative ways to control the speeding driver. If that were done in the USA I bet the result would have been the same. The thing is that in Denmark women are equal. In the USA only men can go with no shirt on.
  • 13 Jun 2010
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This video was sent as a spam email so I added some music and sent it along to you using *******www.expertcarpenter**** equipment.
  • 17 May 2010
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My wife and I watched the Deadliest Catch every time it was on and we always cheered for Captain Phil and the Cornelia Marie crab boat. He was a tough old bird even at his young age. We put this video together on the night shift, like the Captain would have. We used the video equipment of *******www.expertcarpenter**** . Good Bye Captain Phil.
  • 20 Mar 2010
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*******www.makemoremoneysolutions**** is my Adsense course website. Watch the video then come on over and check out the page. There is also a spot to read 100 or so articles on making money online.
  • 7 Jan 2010
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just a good old fart noise video.
  • 2 Jan 2010
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Here is a guy who can paint himself to match any background. You may have to watch this to get it all.
  • 7 Nov 2010
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Sometimes a girl has to attract a crowd. How else are you going to attract a mate?
  • 20 Dec 2009
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*******www.ridemotorcycle**** is a family oriented club and in this video we go on an outing to see some tall ships in Port Huron Michigan while they are on their tour around the Great Lakes.
  • 6 Aug 2009
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*******www.theterraceinn**** The Terrace Inn the bed and breakfast in Petoskey, MI is a neat place to stay. It is a victorian inn built in 1911. It is well kept up by the current owner Moe and his wife. It is a cool place and there is plenty to do in the area. Call Moe at 800-530-9898 for more info.
  • 26 May 2009
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*******basementwaterproofingmichiganusa**** normally we take broken concrete to the crusher plant for recycling but during the recession a lot of crushers are closed. So here we are at the garbage dump emptying our buckets. I thought you might enjoy this video. You just can't enjoy the smell the odor till someone invents smell-o-vision.
  • 1 Apr 2009
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Female Drivers
  • 13 Feb 2009
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*******crawl-space-crawlspacemoisture**** - call Bob McGuire for a ferr estimate. This is a video of us spraying mold control in a basement and crawl space.
  • 7 Feb 2009
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