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    How To Paint Tree Part II 03:19

    How To Paint Tree Part II

    by bonggi (5/24/07) 16,368 views

    You can also paint this in less than 4 minutes.I use special brush called fan brush . It is really very easy to paint leaves. Impress your friends. Give them your painting. Then you are a green crusader. :)Let us plant trees and save our environment.

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    Leaders Of Our Time 01:06

    Leaders Of Our Time

    by bonggi (6/5/07) 321 views

    The leaders of our time. What future do we have? Can there be hope for love and peace among us. We all came from Adam and Eve.Please comment also at tea.html#links

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    The Philippine Eagle

    The Philippine Eagle

    by bonggi (5/21/07) 4,625 views

    The second largest eagle in the world.Known before as monkey eating eagle.It preys on small monkeys on trees with its strong claws.It thrives only in Southern Mountain of the Philippines and endangered species.

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    Exotic Great Appetizer 01:10

    Exotic Great Appetizer

    by bonggi (9/22/07) 396 views

    This appetizer is an exotic seaweed that you can try.The supply is not steady.Sorry Just made the clip with my mobile phone.Not expecting sudden availability.Mixed tTangy,sour,a little sweet-salty taste

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