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5:09 Each of us has a leading sense, supported to varying degrees by the other senses. If we know our own sensory profile, we can figure out what we want out of our relationship.
  • 20 Jul 2011
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5:16 By paying focused attention to your mate every day for a more fulfilling relationship.
  • 10 Jul 2011
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5:16 When they are formed around common interests and activities they have a greater chance of survival than those in which the couple shares few interests.
  • 24 Jun 2011
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8:33 Yes-by practicing two overall guiding principles – love and honor. Easy to say, not so easy to do. Many couples are drifting through life without the true, shared intimacy that is possible.
  • 26 May 2011
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5:35 To assume that just because you are in a couple, that the two of you will merge all of your ideas, dreams, and opinions is pure folly.
  • 20 May 2011
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2:35 When you are the best person that you can be – when you live in awe – when you express gratitude for the wonders in the world, you enter into a relationship on a higher plane of consciousness.
  • 13 May 2011
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2:04 Patience helps to build up trust in your relationship. It enables your relationship to grow kinder and gentler as it is experienced and relied upon.
  • 6 May 2011
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1:41 Human kindness, ah….. if only it were the norm. But at least we can each do our part. And it all begins at home. So how exactly do you treat your partner?
  • 13 Apr 2011
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5:23 It is best to fully recover from a relationship break up before entering the water again. Pick up the lessons and leave behind the baggage.
  • 8 Apr 2011
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2:44 Your core values govern the way you view life and the way you live your life. They govern the way you assess, process, and react to situations in the world around you as they present themselves.
  • 25 Mar 2011
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5:34 The ‘honeymoon’ stage of newlyweds is a great time during the relationship when we try to present our best selves to new lovers whom we tend to idealize and who idealize us. Serious relational conflict is avoided in this phase.
  • 23 Mar 2011
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5:16 It is important to be authentic to yourself when you come into a relationship. It is essential to accept responsibility both for yourself and for your actions.
  • 8 Mar 2011
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5:23 Compassion and sharing. Doing more than you need to do. Being kind. These are a few of the secrets to relationship success.
  • 27 Feb 2011
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4:37 There is hope for women in emotionally abusive relationships. Building self-esteem can help you, no matter your situation.
  • 20 Feb 2011
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4:45 Developing a deep sense of self-awareness is important to managing relationships – be they romantic or otherwise.
  • 8 Jan 2011
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7:23 Dr. Lyon stressed that clarity is an essential element in starting a new relationship.
  • 5 Dec 2010
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5:21 The first date can be fun or it can be a minefield. Going in with an open, positive attitude – just to meet and enjoy a new person and to see what happens is the best approach.
  • 14 Nov 2010
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