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*******www.bigberkeywaterfilters**** - For the Love of Clean Water In this part 2, the investigation team tests the water for bacteria and they find it chock full of e-coli. This is river water that people swim in and you've gotta figure gets into somebody's water supply at some point. This is just another embarrassing example of what our species does to this earth.
  • 18 Nov 2008
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*******www.bigberkeywaterfilters**** - For the Love of Clean Water It's amazing that for 40 years this treatment plant and sewage system has been undersized for the community of Indianapolis. Rather than filter and clean this water, they simply dump the overflow into White River. Sometimes, we actually think that we're getting better at the reduction in environment pollution...but we're so behind the curve in many aspects it's appalling.
  • 19 Apr 2009
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*******bigberkeywaterfilters**** Bottled Water may be no safer than tap water. Recent studies by the Environmental Working Group show many contaminants in 10 tested brands. Are water filters at point of consumption a solution?
  • 26 Oct 2008
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