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The Shan people migrated from China to Burma centuries ago, brining with them their own special brand of Chinese Kung Fu. Antonio Graceffo makes his way into the war zone of Burma to learn this ancient martial art at the Shan State rebel Army.
  • 24 Feb 2008
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The Shan State Army (SSA) is one of the ethnic rebel armies fighting against the repressive government of Burma. In the movie "Rambo IIII," Sylvester Stallone pretends to go inside Burma and fight along side one of the ethnic armies. Antonio Graceffo did it for real. The Shan are a unique ethnic group, who have their own language, culture, and martial arts. They were independent for centuries, but are now waging a defensive war against the Burmese forces (SPDC) who use rape, torture, and terror as weapons to control and annihilate Buurma's many ethnic minority people. Shan dream of a day when their children can live in peace in a free country, called Shanland.
  • 12 Jun 2008
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Antonio Graceffo goes inside of the war zone of Burma, with the Shan State rebel Army. He trains the soldiers in a combination of kali, Muay Thai, and combatives. The soldiers demonstrate Lai Tai, the Kung Fu of the Shan people. shan,state,army,burma,burmese,war,martial,art,odyssey,antonio,graceffo,junta,shanland,rebel
  • 14 Feb 2008
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