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    Ghost Sighting at Raffles Place 01:49

    Ghost Sighting at Raffles Place

    by rafflesplaceghost (4/21/08) 262,001 views

    About Us Jimmy, Mike, and myself (YQ) are a group of students at a local university. We are also interested in ghosts in Singapore. Mike who was doing his internship in a company at Shenton Way first received an email with a video clip titled Raffles Place Ghost. We hope to solve the mystery of this sighting so if you have any information about this incident or any other paranormal experiences in the Raffles Place area, please contact us ( and we will try to post it on our blog. About This Clip Mike received this video clip in an email on 28/03/2008. The CCTV footage appears to have captured a strange woman. Watch closely when the two guys enter the lift. We are also currently speaking with an experienced videographer to determine the authenticity of this video. Visit to find out more.