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    How to Crimp a BNC Plug 03:38

    How to Crimp a BNC Plug

    by busak8 (3/10/09) 3,307 views

    How to crimp a simgle piece BNC plug for CCTV camera instalations. most BNC plug are 3 piece and can often be very unrelaible and time consuming to prepare. In this file we are using model# coax8 whish is a combo cable of RG59BU and figure 8 for power

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    WTC MISSILE STRIKE & United Airlines Flight 175 Impossible Speed 02:47

    WTC MISSILE STRIKE & United Airlines Flight 175 Impossible Speed

    by fanfisique (3/6/09) 17,035 views

    WTC MISSILE STRIKE & United Airlines Flight 175 Impossible Speed. United Airlines UA Flight 175 Impossible Speed. Definitive calculations on United Airlines Flight 175 average speed for the final 52 miles are: 52 miles in 270 seconds = 693.2 mph Speed of Sound (Match 1) at that height is 692.8 mph. An average speed of 692.8 mph on a descent from 25,000 feet to below 1,000 feet, covering a distance of 52 miles directly towards target in just over 4.5 minutes, represents a totally impossible achievement for a mid-size wide-body twinjet airliner. ANOTHER FIRST TIME IN HISTORY FOR A 911 EVENT: A Boeing 767-200 matched the SPEED OF SOUND during 4 minutes and didnĀ“t DESINTEGRATED in the Process. Flight UA 175: An Incredible Journey In August 2006 the NTSB, in response to a NSA FOI request, finally released details of the 9/11 flights. The report includes a flight profile, a ground track, A pressure altitude graph derived from radar mode C returns, and a transcript of radio communications. The following is a "blow by blow" of the alleged plane's astonishing flight, taken from the report: United Airlines Flight 175 departed Boston Logan at 8:14AM It reached 31,000 feet at 8:33AM The final radio transmission was at 8:42AM Beacon Codes were changed twice within one minute at 8:47AM UA 175 started into a climbing turn to the South East at 8:51AM It reached 33,500 feet at 8:53AM UA 175 began its descent while continuing its turn It turned towards North East while its descent continued The "plane" was now headed towards WTC2 in a direction of North east (45 degrees) at what is termed point (G) Its altitude at this point was 25,000 feet at 8:58 AM It was at 24,000 feet at 8:59AM 18,500 feet at 9:00AM 15,000 feet at 9:01AM 9,000 feet at 9:02AM The "plane" is presumed to have struck its target at a height under 1000 feet at 9:02 40 AM. Mission Accomplished. This is incredible target acquisitioning, but just as incredible is the fact that according to the NTSB report, which was founded on three sets of radar data ( FAA, JFK Approach and USAF) the alleged plane covered the sixty mile distance in approximately 4 minutes and 40 seconds. That works out to an average of 700 mph; this is above Mach 1!, a totally impossible achievement, on multiple levels, for a mid-size wide-body twinjet airliner.