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    Messaging Using IOS 5 02:03

    Messaging Using IOS 5

    by butterscotchcom (10/13/11) 63 views

    We're going to show you the iMessage application that's been introduced in iOS 5. It shares some features with the ever-popular BlackBerry messaging app, in that it can send messages over data, it shows when messages have been successfully delivered and more @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/qADZqD

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    Setting Up Reminders in IOS 5 02:54

    Setting Up Reminders in IOS 5

    by butterscotchcom (10/13/11) 48 views

    The iOS 5 reminder application allows you to set reminders up for the things you need to do, complete with alerts to make sure you don't forget what's important. You can even have these alerts set to go off either by time or, using GPS, by location @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/r9H1LS

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    Notifications in IOS 5 03:03

    Notifications in IOS 5

    by butterscotchcom (10/13/11) 30 views

    With iOS 5 users can choose how they get notifications and more. The new Notification Center is helpful for staying on track of these alerts and can also be customized so that it always has the information you need when you need it @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/o3eYdk

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    TripAdvisor for Android Review 01:13

    TripAdvisor for Android Review

    by butterscotchcom (10/12/11) 35 views

    The TripAdvisor app for Android is completely free and can help you to save money and have more fun on your travels. The app gives you access to millions of user reviews on different aspects of travel, from hotels, flights to restaurants and local activities @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/o5UGx5

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    New Features in IOS 5 03:58

    New Features in IOS 5

    by butterscotchcom (10/12/11) 64 views

    While the user interface remains largely the same there are several major improvements including the way devices handle notifications, through the Notification Center, how Apple devices allow you to communicate, through iMessage, and much more @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/oyfqxx

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    Getting Directions Using Maps 04:34

    Getting Directions Using Maps

    by butterscotchcom (10/12/11) 39 views

    Maps is handing not only for finding locations on a map, but also for getting directions to get from one point or another. In this episode we'll show you how to search for directions and how to get directions using Maps on your Android phone @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/nLA49v

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    How to Install IOS 5 05:10

    How to Install IOS 5

    by butterscotchcom (10/12/11) 994 views

    Apple's newest version of iOS, iOS 5, is going to be the last of the updates to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that you have to install using a computer. Were going to focus on how to install the update to your iOS device, back up your information etc @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/p2JALh

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    Using Business Listings in Maps 04:38

    Using Business Listings in Maps

    by butterscotchcom (10/10/11) 14 views

    Google Maps is extremely helpful if you want to search for a business in your area or if you want to get detailed information on a particular business. Just open Google Maps on your Android phone and you can find contact information on a business and more @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/oRyOWp

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    Changing the SMS Notification Sound 01:31

    Changing the SMS Notification Sound

    by butterscotchcom (10/10/11) 22 views

    We'll show you how to change the notification sound for incoming SMS messages on your Android phone. It would seem logical to change the incoming message sound in Settings under the Sound category @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/rqE80Y

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    Introducing Maps for Android 02:56

    Introducing Maps for Android

    by butterscotchcom (10/10/11) 15 views

    We'll introduce you to the Maps application. This app is free and comes pre-installed on your Android phone. You can use this app to get directions, pull up maps and, if you have a compass, see what direction you're facing, all of which can be very handy @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/p4pfTR

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