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Mikrodalgada patlayan misir olarak ilk kez iç piyasaya surulen bu urun cabuk pratik kolay hijyenik şartlarda kullanicalara ulaştiği icin oldukca populer ve gelecek vaad eden urunlerin basinda geliyor.. Henuz Ege bölgesi dişinda bayilik verilmediği icin yuksek kar marji olan bu ürünü kendi bölgenizde ilk pazarlayan siz olacaksiniz !! Bu yüzden daha fazla bilgi ve fiyat icin lütfen irtibata geçiniz ... Saygilarimizla....
  • 12 May 2008
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only one thing become basket or frame or tray or ... such things
  • 16 Feb 2007
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Big explode...Sea Launch Zenit 3SL explodes at liftoff on January 30, 2007
  • 18 Mar 2007
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A drummer TRIES to get some practise in. Drummer: Neil Curran Created circa 1985
  • 21 Jan 2007
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Ms Paint Record , Ms Paint God i am !!
  • 24 Jan 2007
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Our premiere music video. Come for the music and comedy, stay for the greatest animal band rockout since the Country Bear Jamboree Here is the lyrics of the song : ...and rock - it's a lonely world. ...but true - you get all the girls. ...but trust me, I am quite alone. sitting atop my brand new rocking throne (willis: what's it made out of? luke: mahogeny. willis: oh, ok.) your tears... (ryan: tears...) send them my way tears (ryan: tears...) mail them express and tears (ryan: tears...) mail them to me postage stamps cost thirty-three cents (ryan & luke: thirty-three x3) (ryan: "the price of love") rock out rock out rock out rock out (ryan: [audible grunting noise]!) (willis: let's go!) watch out, cause here we come we're two virgins and we're ready to strum string in hand, and song at heart we're taking this right off the charts. so ryan, ryan ryan (ryan: yes) ryan, (ryan: yes), ryan (ryan: yes). I'm a great man, right? (ryan: this is it.) are you a great man? (ryan: this is it.) this is a great moment. (ryan: i'm...i'm great.) we're both great. you better hold on to your seat 'cause we're rockin with this brand new beat we don't want money, and we don't want cash we're doin' it for chicks, we're doin' it for ass (ryan: ass) cause we're two virgins with two guitars rockin out like it's for a green card on a raft to the proverbial rock we're two, two migrants from the country rock. ok if I was a gazelle in the serengeti, in the serengeti they have gazelles, and you were a lion, would you be able to catch me with my speed of rock, the speed of rock that I have with my gazelle-like feet? (ryan: as a lion? ...[heavy breathing] most definitely.) we'll lay you down with our sweet sweet voice we'll ring your eardrums until they're moist we'll provide an aural feast because we're musical beasts lay you down with my great guitar it's not extinct like the dinosaur as you can see, we're not that skilled but we're blastin', blastin' athletic builds 'cause we're two virgins with two guitars (ryan: ah oh!) rockin out like it's for a green card (ryan: ah oh!) on a raft to the proverbial rock we're two migrants from the country rock
  • 14 Jan 2007
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He is spinning a expensive mac book Lap Top on his hands ! there is no trick in it.. it's real and amazing cool !! He spins lego , monopoly , game cd and a lap top !! watch that amazing incredible talented boy PDRAP
  • 9 Jan 2007
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you will see how flexible a condom while we are using it ;)
  • 8 Jan 2007
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Japanase girl wears cute&hot costumes on it .. it's really makes her sexy....
  • 11 Jan 2007
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in 15 second u can learn the windows pasword !! just watch !! too easy
  • 6 Jan 2007
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A cool card trick for you !!
  • 26 Dec 2006
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That is a easy trick that everyone can handle it easily ....lighter zippo is amazing everywhere everybody use that lighter.. The girls or the boys or motorbikers , teachers , police in army everybody... please learn how to use that light
  • 18 Dec 2006
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THat man knows how to use that thing !! it is diffenent than the other shows believe me ... (and also zippo tricks in it )
  • 12 Dec 2006
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A deer could do that ?? or my friend could react that ? i cant believe this !! have a look at it..
  • 10 Dec 2006
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