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    Cari.Net Remote Backup NetDrive 01:37

    Cari.Net Remote Backup NetDrive

    by (6/26/08) 113 views This video will show you how you can use's Remote Dedicated Backup Server using the NetDrive application. Contact me if you are interested and would like to try a demo.

  • 7 -The S-POD! -The S-POD!

    by (6/26/08) 124 views All of our S-PODs include 50Mbps bandwidth, Class C of IP space, private VLAN, power, and Round-the-Clock Support. From the innovative minds of comes a compact hosting solution that puts a large number of servers and computing power right at your fingertips. The S-POD is Cluster of 14 Servers which can be provisioned in nearly any hardware configuration offered on the website. The S-POD includes 14 servers, a Class C of IP space, a private VLAN, and a Gigabit uplink to the network. Each S-POD also comes complete with a dedicated switch which allows all of the servers to interact and share data without paying for metered traffic between one another. Unlimited Bandwidth -- S-PODs include 50Mbps of bandwidth to share amongst the 14 Servers. That's 16,200GB of throughput per month!

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