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    Temperature Rising

    Temperature Rising

    by MirandaKerrVSAngel (7/13/10) 172,956 views

    Who says cotton can’t be sexy? Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Miranda Kerr proves that cute, comfy and colorful aren’t the only qualities that cotton bras and panties are known for. Check out this sizzling clip for Victoria’s Secret Cotton Lingerie—the only place you’ll see it is online!

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    Petra Nemcova Tribute 05:02

    Petra Nemcova Tribute

    by MikeyPugs (7/14/08) 16,999 views

    This is the beautiful and famous super model Petra Nemcova. I would like to thank PB and google for all the help. Also everyone who views my videos, please enjoy and take care. If you would like check me out on youtube as well; Just search; pugsley0134

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    Carla Ossa 03:30

    Carla Ossa

    by Demulen (4/24/07) 41,500 views

    All you need to know about our Latin Flavor of the day, Carla Ossa, is that she’s from Colombia, and she fills out a swimsuit and a two-piece bikini like no one’s business. Other than that, you can make up your own history for her: hey, maybe she was that girl who sat next to you in Science class, who you always wanted to ask out, but never did? Yeah, that’s her. Or maybe she’s the girl you hit with your car. Ooops, that’s a little morbid. Let’s go with the girl in the Science class. Yeah, that’s the ticket.