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    I Cherish Planet Earth / Loved (Charlie Hope) 03:13

    I Cherish Planet Earth / Loved (Charlie Hope)

    by challengeandfun (7/31/09) 360 views

    This video expresses love for the earth, and encourages/reminds us all to take better care of it. The music was beautifully written and performed by Charlie Hope from her newly released "World of Dreams" Lullaby CD. The soft illustrations are from the Green Game & Book Set "I Cherish Planet Earth", illustrated by Emily Kea and produced by FocusBloom. Both the CD and Game set are Made in the USA in an environmentally friendly way, and are distributed by Challenge & Fun, Inc Buy Now at Charlie Hope CD: [

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    Train Song by Charlie Hope 03:15

    Train Song by Charlie Hope

    by challengeandfun (6/22/09) 1,315 views

    Here is a video using Charlie Hope's "Train Song" from her newly released children's CD "I'm Me!". Video features Marklin model trains at the Nurnberg Toy Fair, as well as toy trains in Thailand. There is additional footage inside a Thai overnight train.