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    ChasingBOLT #8: Usain Bolt Olympic TV Commercials 03:41

    ChasingBOLT #8: Usain Bolt Olympic TV Commercials

    by chasingBOLT (8/24/08) 1,423 views

    The "Stick, Stick, Stick" campaign is an old one, but a good one. It's worth revisiting. Check out Usain in some of the spots; he was only 16 at the time. Classic! If you like this montage, please rate, favorite, and share this video to help support this documentary that follows Usain Bolt in Beijing. For more videos about Usain Bolt setting world records and winning gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games, check out

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    ChasingBOLT #7: Why Are Jamaican Runners So Fast? 04:03

    ChasingBOLT #7: Why Are Jamaican Runners So Fast?

    by chasingBOLT (8/24/08) 1,405 views

    It's quite remarkable that a country of 3 million people consistently produces the fastest athletes in the world. Usain Bolt's record-setting performances in the 100m and 200m were complemented by a Jamaican sweep in the women's 100m. And we still have the relays to go! There are several reasons Jamaicans are fast. Here's one: track & field is THE sport in Jamaica. Watch this video of the high school championships; no other country goes this crazy over track & field. See more videos, articles, and photos at

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    ChasingBOLT #6: Can YOU Beat Usain Bolt? 03:14

    ChasingBOLT #6: Can YOU Beat Usain Bolt?

    by chasingBOLT (8/15/08) 676 views

    Can you beat the world's fastest man? Until now, you never would have had the chance to find out (unless your name was Asafa or Tyson). But Usain is challenging YOU to a race, 100 meters in Jamaica's National Stadium. Pay attention in the video...the first time Usain played the game he ran 9.72. Pretty ironic, no? I guess we programmed it to perfectly reflect his ability. (Then again, I ran 9.54...) Visit to race Bolt.

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    ChasingBOLT #4: Cultural Fusion

    ChasingBOLT #4: Cultural Fusion

    by chasingBOLT (8/11/08) 618 views

    You've already watched the first half of the August 5th Event (Usain Bolt in Beijing), but that left you hanging. What happened afterwards included traditional Chinese dance, hot Jamaican dancehall, Paolo Nutini, and Bolt donning a Chinese mask on the catwalk. [Music is "Time Controller" by Ryan Davies and CT]

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    ChasingBOLT #3: Usain Bolt in Beijing 04:01

    ChasingBOLT #3: Usain Bolt in Beijing

    by chasingBOLT (8/11/08) 1,333 views

    Follow Usain behind the scenes on the day and night of our big Jamaica party. A photo shoot at the Bird's Nest, backstage with Paolo Nutini, Q&A with over 200 journalists, more autographs, and more clowning around. And this is only Part I of the evening. Are Usain and Paolo Nutini planning to do a song together? Let's find out. [Music by Ryan Davies and CT]

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    ChasingBOLT #2: A Day in the Life of Usain Bolt 04:04

    ChasingBOLT #2: A Day in the Life of Usain Bolt

    by chasingBOLT (8/7/08) 1,612 views

    It's not all about running when you're the fastest man in the world. Demands and expectations are high. This video, shot over two days, gives you a glimpse of what it's like for Usain in Kingston, Jamaica. There was training, a photo shoot at various locations in and around Kingston, three one-on-one interviews with global media, impromptu autograph sessions wherever we went, and filming for an internal Puma commercial starring Usain (check out the right hook I absorb).

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    ChasingBOLT #1: Becoming the Fastest 04:36

    ChasingBOLT #1: Becoming the Fastest

    by chasingBOLT (7/31/08) 1,043 views

    On May 31st, 2008 at the Reebok Grand Prix in New York City, Usain Bolt blasted into the history books with his 9.72 world record clocking over 100 meters. While millions of people have now seen the race, very few know what happens after you set a world record. Here's a look...

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    ChasingBOLT: The Trailer 02:47

    ChasingBOLT: The Trailer

    by chasingBOLT (7/28/08) 1,556 views

    The trailer for chasingBOLT. On May 31, 2008 Usain Bolt blasted out of the starting blocks and into the history books, lowering the 100m world record to 9.72 seconds. He is now the "Fastest Human Being in the World." chasingBOLT follows Usain to Beijing and the 2008 Olympics where he's a top contender for Olympic gold. We'll be releasing daily content documenting his experiences and events at with related material at Stay tuned.