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    US Chess League - Championship Game V. GM Becerra 03:53

    US Chess League - Championship Game V. GM Becerra

    by chesscom (12/18/10) 14 views

    The 2010 US Chess League season came to a close a few weeks ago, and now it comes to a close for all of us here on IM Sam Shankland won "Game of the Week" honors for his victory over, almost unarguably, the strongest and most celebrated player in the history of the league -- and the reigning MVP -- GM Julio Becerra. Sam's play was technically sound, and ended with a nice Opposite Colored Bishop ending (remember the rule of 1-diagonal). Full video available at

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    World Youth 2010; FM Zierk Vs. GM Durarbeyli 03:54

    World Youth 2010; FM Zierk Vs. GM Durarbeyli

    by chesscom (12/16/10) 11 views

    The prequel to last weekend's featured video is presented to us today -- courtesy of GM Melik Khachiyan and his "other" genius student, IM-Elect Steven Zierk. Here we can admire young Zierk's ability to keep his nerves against his higher rated opponent in the penultimate round of the 2010 World Youth Championship. Playing for gold, Steve played aggressively, accurately and didn't let up until his well-timed discovered attack ended the game... Full video available at

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    Member Analysis: Absence of Logic 03:59

    Member Analysis: Absence of Logic

    by chesscom (12/16/10) 12 views

    In this Member Analysis video Grandmaster Dzindzichashvili explains his difficulty in reviewing amateur games. He then goes onto give several important positional explanations of the Benko Gambit and closed center pawn structures. His "logical" critique of the "illogical" development chosen by both players is as harsh as it is instructive... Watch and learn. Full video available at

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    The Bishop Pair II 03:35

    The Bishop Pair II

    by chesscom (12/15/10) 6 views

    GM Dejan Bojkov brings us the sequel to his video displaying the raw power of the bishop pair in chess. Where as the former revealed the potential domination of the bishops in the endgame, today's video examines the pure awesomeness of the bishop pair in the middlegame! The classic "double bishop sacrifice" is only the beginning, as watching the bishops befuddle the rooks in our final example is perhaps the most enjoyable of all... Full video available at

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    Fiasco Positional Disaster 03:47

    Fiasco Positional Disaster

    by chesscom (12/12/10) 3 views

    Does Grandmaster Dzindzichashvili have a new favorite? It would certainly seem so! Prepare to watch Roman's second consecutive video lecture displaying the brilliant play of young Daniel Gurevich -- this time winning as white against IM Ray Kaufman. Hard to blame Dzindzi when you see the youngster's accurate development, strong positional understanding and binding of the dark-squares, and practical wit when it matters on the f-file... Full video available at

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    Playing With a Space Advantage II 03:48

    Playing With a Space Advantage II

    by chesscom (12/12/10) 7 views

    This weekend our "feature presentation" comes from GM Alexander Lenderman on the topic of Space in chess. Two games, one featuring the brilliant maneuverings of Super-GM Boris Gelfand -- and another coming at the personal expense of our author... Pay special attention to white's patience, pattern in development (d3-square for the knight on e5) and willingness to "take it slow"... Enjoy! Full video available at

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    General Strategy: The Open File! 03:51

    General Strategy: The Open File!

    by chesscom (12/12/10) 11 views

    GM Dejan Bojkov recites beautiful chess poetry for our ears! In today's video we learn the many ways in which an open file can lead to success in chess: Pressure along the 7th-Rank; Restriction of the enemy King; The ability to target pawns on both the King's and Queen's flanks; Finally the "freedom of choice" for your own King's climactic entrance. Watch and learn! Full video available at

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    Empty Bishop 03:54

    Empty Bishop

    by chesscom (12/12/10) 5 views

    GM Bojkov continues his excellent description of each piece, expounding upon their merit and faults in a brilliant systematic manner. Today we see several highly instructive examples of the "false prophet" that is an Empty Bishop! Despite its open-square control and seemingly multiple options, we learn that without targets or a "purpose" the bishop can become irrelevant in the critical moments. Watch as greats such as Petrosian help Dejan to illustrate these points! Full video available at

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    Member Analysis: Super Sharp Struggle II 03:43

    Member Analysis: Super Sharp Struggle II

    by chesscom (12/12/10) 107 views

    This weekend GM Roman Dzindzichashvili brings us another Member Analysis game full of instructive gems, as well as more brilliant commentary full of classic "Dzindzi" one-liners. Tune in for his excellent description of black's critical mistake (trading a good knight for a bad bishop) and stick around to find out what takes a man from being a billionaire to a millionaire... Full video available at

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    US Chess League Vs. GM Benjamin 03:33

    US Chess League Vs. GM Benjamin

    by chesscom (12/12/10) 8 views

    IM Sam Shankland brings us the first in a video series designed to give an "inside look" at what happens on Board 1 of the US Chess League. Though Sam lost this battle against the former US Champion, GM Joel Benjamin, his team went on to win the war that night... and the next night...and the next! Did somehow, someway know that New England could and would eventually go all the way? Nah, we got lucky! Lucky for us, we get these great videos from Sam! Full video available at

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