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    Forex Day Trading and Mechanical Automation 02:39

    Forex Day Trading and Mechanical Automation

    by chubaiw (8/13/10) 49 views

    ►► - I got an interesting email today asking me about a particular futures trading system. The writer wanted to know if the system was fully mechanical and automated. I should point out that there are automated or "black box" trading systems employed by large hedge funds and other large trading groups, but I have never come across a fully automated trading system suitable for individual traders seeking to day trade the futures markets. Of course, there are a slew of Forex robots on the market today, and the results from these robots have been mixed, at best. In my opinion, this type of question regarding futures day trading is the result of a spillover effect from the Forex trading cabal. But I think that this request reflects an even deeper question being considered by new traders that are entering the futures markets. What sort of question do you think I am considering? It's the old goose that lays the golden egg story. In my opinion, the great attraction of Forex robots is the lack of accountability the trader is forced to shoulder. After all, if you have a machine that simply works day and night to create money, why wouldn't everyone own one? The answer to this question is fairly simple, there are no geese that lay golden eggs and there are no Forex robots that consistently churn out fantastic profits. It would be a wonderful thing if there were trading machines that could consistently make profitable trades, just as it would be a great thing to own a goose that lays golden eggs. Unfortunately, day trading doesn't work that way because the market moves in a variety of methods that makes low-cost trading robots impractical to produce. Nor are there any strictly mechanical methodologies that will consistently churn out an endless stream of profitable trades. No matter what methodology you employ in your trading, you will always be faced with subjective choices as to the merit of any trade under your consideration. At this point in our technological progress, we simply don't have a level of artificial intelligence capable of adjusting to the varying conditions that exist in the futures markets. And I am glad we don't. I have always considered trading a combination of interpreting formulaic indicators and personal judgment. Some call this form of trading and art, but I look at it more in terms of a learned skill. I am an avid reader of technology and scientific journals and we are years away from developing the level of artificial intelligence needed to effectively day trade markets. We have one of the most marvelous computing devices ever designed sitting atop our shoulders. Though I wonder if some individuals care to employ this marvelous device w

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    How to Start Day Trading to Make Money 03:25

    How to Start Day Trading to Make Money

    by chubaiw (8/13/10) 78 views

    ►► - One of the hottest and exhilarating means to make extra cash these days is day trading. There are individuals that get involved in day trading to supplement their standard income stream, while some people look at it as a full time job. There are lots of individuals earning remarkable money with trading which is why many more people are giving it a shot. Obviously, stock trading isn't a path to quick and easy riches. You'll want to understand how to go about it properly. You require to have a certain amount of knowledge when you begin so you are able to make the most of your money. Natural, buying shares low and unloading when the cost is high is how you make cash in the markets. So when do you know when to jump into in a certain stock? Apply these important day trading tips to boost your income potential. Read the news and stay on top of the stock market. You'll need to stay aware of happenings in the markets, like buyouts, stock issuances, and financial reports for leading businesses. It's important to have a strong overview of what is going on in the markets. Try not to spend time on shares that have little volatility. With day trading day trading, cash is generated by purchasing and dealing stocks that are frequently changing in price. When day trading you are buying and selling shares every day so you need to be invested in stocks that have daily price shifts in price every day. Brush up on your mathematical analysis skills. You'll need to be capable of analyzing trending and financial data quickly. Don't be turned off - you don't need to be a mathematical superstar - but there are a few basic computations that you must have an understanding of. Always remain calm and determined. You need to keep your emotions even to avoid clouding your judgment. Whether you're excessively enthusiastic about a giant profit, or profoundly disappointed about a loss, either of these responses can hinder your capability to remain level headed, make smart decisions, and keep a clear head. You may not get well off in a day, but these hints are going to put you on your way to making great cash with day trading. There's plenty of money to be gained with day trading and with a touch of work, you will be profiting from this stimulating online job. Finding hot penny stocks isn't rocket science - you jus

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    Day Trading Systems - Introduction of Forex Day Trading 01:19

    Day Trading Systems - Introduction of Forex Day Trading

    by chubaiw (8/13/10) 27 views

    ►► - Before turning to Forex intraday trading systems, allow you to catch basic information: what is Forex day trading? Who are traders? How do successful Forex intraday trading systems work? Currency trading is known as the buying and selling of a currency within the same calendar day. In other words, the basic of Forex day trading is closing out all positions before the close of the day's market. There are no trade overnight and all trades must be completed in the same day. The practice of this trading was once only for large banks, financial institutions and the rich and powerful. Today, small investors and common men can also participate in currency intraday trading. There are two main types of professional day traders. The first type includes those who work for a large institution. There are a great number of day traders in this type because when they for large institutions, they are able to access greater resources such as large amounts of capital, best analytical software, available internet connection at their desk. The second type is those who work alone. These individuals have limited resource access and they manage other people's accounts or just trade their own. Forex day trading strategies are concerned with fluctuations of currencies each and every minute. A Forex day trading system is successful if it can seek out a clear short-term currency move and then try to take the proper position to follow that momentum before it turns to the reverse direction. This type of Forex trading is pretty risky. The money you gain or lose is not limited. You can make a huge profit in a very short period of time but it is absolutely possible that it causes you a substantial loss just in the same period of time. It is better for you and your money that you are well prepared with your Forex day trading systems and strategies so that you can make your profits maximum and limit losses to minimum.

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    Day Trading For Beginners 06:06

    Day Trading For Beginners

    by chubaiw (8/13/10) 121 views

    ►► - Day trading is never a sure thing, but success ranges with the information that you have. The time that you dedicate to learning about a company can heavily inform your strategy, and your strategy can help to influence your profits. Here are some more tips that can help you start to get an idea of what you'll be dealing with. 1. Liquidity and Volatility: The former means that you can enter or exit a stock at a good price. A liquid stock is one that people are willing to buy and sell at all times. This means that there is a smaller spread, i.e. a little difference between the bid and the ask price of a stock, and little or no slippage, i.e. the expected price of a trade and its actual price. Volatility is a measure of how far the stock can fall or rise in a day - the daily range of a stock. 2. Entry points: There are three main ways to determine when to enter a stock trade. Candlestick patterns display reversal trends in the price of a stock. We then look for volume, whether buyers are supporting the stock at this level. Finally, we look at prior price support, the level at which the stock usually bottoms before reversing. 3. Strategies: Scalping is one of the most common and involves selling as soon as a stock becomes profitable. Fading is getting out as soon as a stock's price spikes. This is based on assumptions of the stock being overbought, that buyers will soon get out, and that early buyers are already making profits. A daily pivot strategy involves buying as the stock pivots from daily low to daily high, usually using the above strategies. Momentum involves trading on releases of news or according to reversals. 4. Stop-loss: Setting a stop-loss is a good way to avoid losing a lot of money. It is the lowest value at which you will retain the stock. If the trade takes a turn for the worse that you weren't expecting, you can get out while you can. Reaching a stop-loss means that you should stop trading for that day rather than taking unnecessary risks trying to make up losses. Stay informed by reading the business news so that you know when and what factors may be affecting your portfolio.

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    Day Trade Forex - Day Trading With Automated Forex Trading Sy... 03:19

    Day Trade Forex - Day Trading With Automated Forex Trading Sy...

    by chubaiw (8/13/10) 35 views

    ►► - Statistics have shown that of all Forex Market traders, 95% give up at a loss within the first 2 years. Those numbers are staggering, can you imagine how much money is lost collectively by that 95%? Typically those who lose money do one of two things. Either they do not pay close enough attention to their trades, or they purchase the wrong automated forex day trading robot The profit collected by the other 5% is also because of one of two things. #1 -- Dedication, Discipline and Patience These traders are the big fish, the seasoned veterans who have been around the bases plenty of times and know exactly when to hit that button. The majority of the big fish have years upon years in this business and do not divuldge their secrets, they typically spend every moment of the day forex system trading. #2 -- Those Who Have Purchased the Right Forex Robot Contrary to popular belief forex robots do work and work well. When someone fails with an efficient forex robot they instantly blame the trading software, call it junk and move onto another one. They fail to see the error of their ways, the lack of literature that they read on the software. They instantly discard the blame thinking they did everything right. In reality a lot of the forex robots found on the market can work if employed correctly. All it takes is an hour or two of becoming familiar with the software before making your first trade. My professional forex trading recommendation would be to pick up one of these forex trade robots. At this point it is a deadly combination, an efficient forex trading robot, a knowledgeable and skilled trader behind the wheel and the discipline and dedication to start earning a living with the click of a button. If you have used forex robots in the past and have brushed them off as junk, don't relegate yourself to that 95%. Take 3 Steps to Success. Follow These 3 Steps Closely. #1 -- Purchase a legal, functioning, effective Forex Trading Robot. This is the key to the entire online forex trading sensation. This will allow you to earn 100% of your earning potential in a short time. This mini forex trading platform is your key to success. #2 -- Read the how-to's and FAQ of the software, become personally acquainted with the software, know all the ins and outs. Familiarizing yourself with the forex trading robot will enable you to accurately predict and execute trades others can not. #3 -- Take action, no one was ever successful from passing the buck and not making a move. Making a move is possibly the most important step, you can have all the tools and knowledge in the world but if you don't make a move your stuck eating everyone else's dust. Take action and start turning a profit.

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    Day Trading - Unconventional Business Options

    Day Trading - Unconventional Business Options

    by chubaiw (8/10/10) 11 views

    ►► - What Is Day Trading? As a layman the term "Day Trading" might be foreign to us as we hardly hear about the term in our day to day life. This term refers to business transaction of buying and selling financial instruments within the same day and closes before the conventional trading market close. Those who participate in such trading are called active traders or day monger. Who Are Day monger Before advent of the electronic trading era, daytime trading used to be the exclusive reserve of employees of bank or investment firms who worked as specialists in equity investment and fund management. But with the electronic age taking over the world, this form of trading has caught up with at-home monger who are not necessary bank of other financial institution employees. Electronic and the Internet age has open a floodgate to those people who are not necessarily from the financial background but have a rudimentary knowledge of finance to work as day time trader. What Do They Trade In? Day monger often day-trade financial instruments such as 1. Stocks 2. Stock options 3. Currencies, 4. Many of future contracts like equity index futures, interest rate future and commodity futures. Regularity of Day Trading There are many styles within daytime trading: 1. Scalping is an intra-daytime technique that usually has the bob holding a position for a few minutes. 2. Shaving is a method which allows the monger to jump ahead by a tenth of a cent. 3. Full round trip (a buy and a sell order) is often completed in less than one second. Focus Of Day Traders Read below on the type of day monger: * Short Term Trading: Some day monger prefer short-term trading within the trading day that may last just a few minutes. Day traders may buy and sell many times in a trading daytime and may receive trading fee discounts from their broker for this trading volume. * Price Momentum: Yet there are other day traders who are interested on price momentum. * Technical Patterns: Then there are breed of day traders who focuses on technical patterns of the daytime trading but others might prefers unlimited number of strategies which they might think is profitable.

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    Learn Currency Day Trading in the Forex Market! 07:32

    Learn Currency Day Trading in the Forex Market!

    by chubaiw (8/10/10) 14 views

    ►► - Before going into the Forex trading market, you must absolutely have some guidelines that require to be taken into consideration when day trading currency. Getting engaged in Forex exchange trading with small or absolutely no knowledge at all will just end result in painful benefits. You may lose the majority of your capital and become discouraged in the process because you are thinking that it is so easy to make cash. That is one of the common misconceptions in Forex market trading. Though there are loads of cash circulating, it does not necessarily mean that you can produce easy income out of it. As every other opportunity in life, the returns will come after you have worked hard for it. The key on mastering the Forex trading market relies on determination, willpower, patience, and hard work. Currency trading professionals are executing transactions based on a set of guidelines. These are usually labeled as a trading system. It will accurately notify you where you need to get in and out the market in order to help make quick profit. One unsaid rule is adhering to your process; make it as your daily code goal. Developing such a system program is the first step that you should take in order to make it. You need to create a system that will fit your individuality; or else you will find a very hard time to stick to it. You can base your system on technical indicators like the mechanical system or based on experience and discretionary technique that you learned. The next step is trying it on a demo account. It is an account with virtual or "play money". It is an exceptional choice in testing your forex trading system, as there is no money at threat. You can figure out how your system will work as far as trading is concern. For how lengthy should you stick to this simulated paper account? It is highly recommended that you stick on it until it develop consistent and good results. You just need to be patient; don't forget that your goal here is to have a perfect trading system that you can use for a long time. While practicing your system in a demo paper account, you must be aware of your emotions while trading. It can impact every single decision that you will make no matter of what market you are trading. So now you are on the go creating a live forex trading account but with limited cash to test your skills. At this phase, you will now be seeing if you are really comfortable using your new system. Remember that several systems can produce different results. If you obtain the same good results like you have provided in the demo account, then you are completely ready for the next phase. If you did not, then you may well opt out to create another system. Always remember that you need to do things right and always be truthful to yourself.

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    How Can You Make Money From Day Trading? 01:26

    How Can You Make Money From Day Trading?

    by chubaiw (8/10/10) 108 views

    ►► - Day trading is becoming a hot means for the average person to make money. You will find individuals who do it for a full time profession while others use it as a method to make extra money. There's a lot of individuals making sizable livings with day trading which explains why numerous people are giving it a shot. But, day trading isn't an automatic path to fast and easy wealth. You will want to know how to go about it properly. You require to have a certain level of education when you get going so that you can make the best out of your cash. As you know, purchasing stocks low and unloading high is how you make cash with stock trading. So how do you know it's time to invest in a certain stock? Employ these important stock trading tips to boost your money-making possibilities: Be prepared ahead of time. You need to be ready to go before executing your first transaction. You'll need to stay aware of developments in the news, like buyouts, takeovers, and profit gains or losses for major companies. Always having an overall feel of the stock market, including any well known stocks, prepares you to make right financial analyses. Try not to spend time on stocks that have little volatility. In day trading, cash is gained by buying and selling stocks that are subject to frequent price movements. In day trading you are buying and selling shares each day which means you need to be involved with stocks with daily price variations. Hone up on your mathematical skills. You'll want to be capable of analyzing financial numbers in a fast manner. Now don't fear - you won't need to be a mathematics superstar - but there are some basic calculations that you will need to have an understanding of.

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    Day Trading Options For Profit and Wealth 05:26

    Day Trading Options For Profit and Wealth

    by chubaiw (8/10/10) 25 views

    ►► - Let's face it, one of the biggest cries you hear about trading stock options is that it is too risky. In reality though, there is less risk involved with "options" than there is with trading the actual stock. It is an easy way for anyone to create massive wealth very fast! As an example of less risk let's say that you are looking to buy 1,000 shares of XYZ stock at a share price of $10 per share. This would mean you would have to outlay $10,000, but if you were to purchase the option instead, your outlay could be as little as 80 cents per share, a fraction of the cost of buying the actual shares and you would still be controlling 1,000 shares. Unlike stocks, trading options (ETO's) can be very profitable no matter which direction the market takes. What I mean by this, is that you can make money whether the market is going up or down. By very fast, I mean in comparison to conventional methods such as your money sitting in a bank term deposit or the traditional "buy and hold" stock investment. If you can follow a simple, step by step method that is in an easy to read format, then you have the capacity for great wealth. It is not only possible, but it is being done by thousands of people every day. They are not smarter or more gifted than you, they have just taken the necessary training to skyrocket their income. Imagine your bank account growing by hundreds if not thousands of dollars per day. Options, or to be correct, Exchange Traded Options, are what is known as derivatives, that is, they are a trading instrument that is derived from a main product, in this case, it is the trading stock of a company. Stocks and derivatives are traded on a stock exchange but we wont go into the finer details of that here. There are many stock exchanges around the world and trading "options" is not confined to just one exchange, but they are not available on all stocks. This does not pose a problem though as there are hundreds of stocks which carry "options". The term "day trading" simply means buying and selling in the same day. For example, you buy 3 option contracts on Monday morning at 11.00am for a total amount of $500. You watch and see that the stock is going up rapidly and your option contract has made a nice profit. Now to realise your profit, you sell the same 3 option contracts an hour an a half later, at 12.30pm for a total of $950. You have just completed a "day trade" and made a profit of $450! The ability to trade in the markets is not something anyone is automatically born with; it is not part of your DNA. Trading successfully is a skill that can be easily learned and it is here that the biggest problem arises for most; finding a great teacher.

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    Day Trading to Make Money - Is It Possible? 09:41

    Day Trading to Make Money - Is It Possible?

    by chubaiw (8/10/10) 33 views

    ►► - Becoming a day trader is becoming a hot way for the average Joe to earn money. There are people that use day trading to add on to their regular income, and some commit all their time to making money through day trading alone. With its large profit potential and the charge it provides, it's no surprise more and more people are diving into day trading. However, day trading isn't a course to fast and easy riches. You'll need to understand some basics. Trading involves some risks, but understanding how to manage those risks and make educated decisions will give you the best possible chance at increasing your gains, while minimizing any downswings. The way in which you make money with stock trading is to buy low, and sell high. So when does someone know it's time to jump into in a certain stock? To earn cash with daily trading, utilize these essential tips to maximize your profit. Know what's in the market news and stay on top of the markets. You won't have to spend hours doing this, however you should visit a couple of key websites you visit and it's a good idea to monitor a few companies closely. Getting a good overview of the market, including any notable shares, prepares you to make good financial analyses. You don't want to focus on stocks that have minimal volatility. Changes in prices are the key for day trading. As its name implies, trading means dealing shares throughout the course of a day. You just don't have time to stick around and find out what happens while other opportunities are out there. Increase your mathematical abilities. You want to be able to analyze financial data rapidly. Dont be scared - you won't need to be a mathematics wizard - but you will discover a few standard computations that you must have a good understanding of. Always remain collected and level. Those who make the most money are able to maintain their emotions at any point in time. It's important to keep a clear mind at all times. You might not get wealthy in a day, but using these hints will put you on the route to making some money with stock trading. There is a great deal of cash to be gained with day trading and with a bit of work, you can be turning great profit from this exhilarating job.

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