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Got Milk is OUT! Got party is IN! Terra Fossil
  • 26 Aug 2008
  • 156
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Who will come in first? Produced by Andy Kumpon and Gary Malick Malbec Gold Productions
  • 4 Aug 2008
  • 489 220
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Terra Fossil shoots a hot game of pool. Cool Shirt!
  • 16 Aug 2008
  • 816
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Early Show Harry Smith confronts a nice man in a Dinosaur costume.
  • 9 Feb 2009
  • 563
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A clever roofing ad that never aired. Enjoy!
  • 19 Jun 2007
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A real baby dinosaur runs rampant in a supermarket! Starring Wayne Spitzer as Status and Andy Kumpon as AK Fleet. Two security officers employed by the mysterious Viktor Corporation encounter strange phenomena and dimensional portholes while keeping the general population in the dark. Of course, they fail miserably. Note: No baby dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this film. Ultra-low-budget trivia: was shot in one night in a grocery store, without permission. Song playing was overhead music playing at the actual time of shooting. Various shots of people's reactions were taken from vacation footage, screams were dubbed over people yawning, military footage was shot at air shows and parades, other dinosaurs were shot at Seattle Science Center. Like all Dead of Night material, Fresh Meat was made before digital equipment was available, and was edited on 3/4" analog decks. One deck had to have debris blown out by a gas station compressor. THAT'S low budget!
  • 19 Jun 2007
  • 1 785
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