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    Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workout - Kickboxing Combo Showtime Kic... 03:35

    Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workout - Kickboxing Combo Showtime Kic...

    by ckotrainer (3/5/13) 70 views

    Heavy Bag Workout Early Download Release Direct Download This is a non-stop, heart-pumping, calorie-torching workout. Got a a heavy bag hanging unused in your home? Time to take advantage of this insane training tool that will allow you to 'super-charge' your workout! Tired of all the workout DVD's that use flat, studio set ups to film their workouts? Sick of staring at paid professional models demonstrating moves?

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    Ladies- Tighten Your Legs And Butt With One Move! 01:30

    Ladies- Tighten Your Legs And Butt With One Move!

    by ckotrainer (3/4/13) 124 views

    Teaming up with Michael Andreula and, husband and wife coaching team Luis and Mariela KNOW what women are looking for when it comes to the female physique! Today they show you one of their Peak Performance Moves to get your legs and butt toned and sexy! Use this move along with your usual lower-body workout at the gym, or do it from the comfort of your own home! Strengthen your thighs and lift your butt while anchoring positive affirmations in your mind! Although Luis and Mariela are showing you these moves in a gym, their specialty is helping you get fit from home-- no matter what your age, ability, or fitness level! Reach your Peak Performance- email to find out more today!

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    Surfer Workout Primer Training: Swim Backs - Surfer Get Ups 02:15

    Surfer Workout Primer Training: Swim Backs - Surfer Get Ups

    by ckotrainer (2/2/13) 5 views

    More info Although the act of actually riding waves is obviously the best thing for your surfing, there are a myriad of different exercise routines practiced by surfers in an effort to step up their game in the water. To find out what works for those placing themselves in some of the most physically demanding surf.

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    Boxing Drills: Double-end Bag 01:44

    Boxing Drills: Double-end Bag

    by ckotrainer (12/11/12) 27 views Every boxer wants to replicate the skills of their favorite professional fighter. Although pro boxers are naturally gifted, all boxers can improve their abilities with practice in the gym. The first step to achieving your boxing goals is identifying equipment and techniques that can optimize your training. Find a gym with iSport's Gym Directory. The double-end bag is a valuable piece of equipment, but many new boxers are relatively unfamiliar with it. This punching bag is extremely useful in training because it mimics the movement of an opponent. Rarely will an opponent stand stationary, so training with stationary equipment is of little use. Read this guide and learn about the benefits of the double-end bag. Identifying the Bag The double-end bag comes in many shapes and sizes, but all of the bags serve the same purpose: To improve punch accuracy and overall coordination. Among the many variations, they can look like a round ball or two raindrop-shaped objects stacked together. The bag itself is held slightly below eye-level by two elastic cables. One cable attaches to the floor while the other attaches overhead. The tension of the cable cords parallels the tension of a tightly pulled rubber band. The Benefits Accuracy plays an important role at any level of boxing. The ability to land accurate punches limits wasted blows and helps conserve energy. The double-end bag improves accuracy, while also honing other skills, such as: Hand-eye coordination Counterpunch reflexes Rhythm Speed Defensive head-movement Footwork Double-end bags don’t improve power, however. It’s better to practice with a heavy bag if you want to become a more powerful boxer. Effective Drills As mentioned above, the double-end bag can sharpen numerous skills. Below are some drills you can incorporate into your workout in order to optimize your time on the bag. Hot tip: Stay Balanced Even the best boxers miss the bag every once in a while when throwing punches. However, you must stay balanced at all times in order to eliminate potential vulnerabilities. If you throw a punch and miss your opponent in a bout, you want to be balanced and ready to throw another punch. Likewise, don’t overextend when throwing punches on the double-end bag. Perfecting the Jab When nothing else seems to be working in a bout, you should feel comfortable throwing jab combinations. Circle around the double-end bag throwing jabs. Every step you take changes your positioning. In a bout, you often expose openings on an opponent by pivoting after a punch. The bag emulates a skillful opponent by continuing to move even after you pivot. Throw several jabs in a row, pivot on your front foot, find the bag, and throw again. Focus on the center of the bag regardless of the punch you intend to throw. Combinations Begin mixing in other punches once you feel comfortable throwing double- and triple-jab combinations. Throw a single cross, hook, or uppercut. If a punch normally requires you to twist your hip, then twist your hip when hitting the bag with that punch. The mechanics of each punch stay the same whether you are throwing a powerful punch or a quick punch. Be crisp and effective. Throw continuous 1-2 (jab, cross) combinations for an entire round. Throw the combination, move, and then throw it again. This is one of the simplest, yet most effective, combos. The double-end bag can improve the speed and timing of your 1-2 combination. Next, throw a 1-2-3 combination (jab, cross, hook). Continue practicing until you’re able to throw five- or six-punch combinations on the bag. You want to be quick, but don’t throw sloppy punches. In general, you will throw a careless punch when you forget to twist your glove at the end of your blow or begin punches from the wrong range. Punches that are rushed or crowded against the bag are much less effective than technically sound punches. If a punch, such as a jab, normally requires you to throw from a longer range, then throw it from a longer range on the bag. Don...

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    How To Explosively Get Up: Rolling Hip Ups With Knee Knee Toe... 04:02

    How To Explosively Get Up: Rolling Hip Ups With Knee Knee Toe...

    by ckotrainer (9/24/12) 2 views

    Full Workout: How To Explosively Get Up: Rolling Hip Ups With Knee Knee Toe Toes FrontKick Productions, Design YOUR personalized ReBoot Camp today! Lose fat while traveling the world. Fitness Guru Michael Andreula guarantees results!

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