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    Beartrek Trailer, Epic Wildlife Nature Conservation Documentary on the World's Vanishing Bears 01:36

    Beartrek Trailer, Epic Wildlife Nature Conservation Documentary on the World's Vanishing Bears

    by coffeeshorts (10/14/09) 929 views

    A stunningly epic wildlife conservation documentary feature film following adventurer and biologist Chris Morgan traversing some of the wildest places on earth by motorbike, seeking out the rarest of the bear species and meeting the people dedicated to saving them from extinction. Chris camps with brown bears in Alaska for the salmon run, tracks the sun bear in Borneo and learns about the ancient beliefs that have inspired remote villages in Peru to conserve the Machu Picchu bears. In India he meets sloth bears in tiger country then polar bear cubs in the Alaskan Arctic before ending his journey in the Mongolian desert tracking the rarest of them all; the Gobi bear. With profits from the film being donated to the organisations featured this is the essential documentary for anyone that cares about bears, wildlife, wild places, conservation and the natural world, from

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    Moustachette Comedy Short Film Trailer 01:05

    Moustachette Comedy Short Film Trailer

    by coffeeshorts (7/16/09) 151 views

    Moustachette is a story about misled young artists struggling with life's nonsense. The film wants to comment on people's tendencies to imagine themselves as something they're not and the fantasies they create to define themselves. The film's hero, Eugene, sorts through his friends' misconceptions in the hope of finding a modicum of truth or at least a blueberry milkshake... Moustachette is a comic short film from the mind of director Patrick Stump starring Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Yellowcard's Ryan Key which is screening at festivals now!

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    Your Mommy Kills Animals Documentary Film Preview Trailer 02:33

    Your Mommy Kills Animals Documentary Film Preview Trailer

    by coffeeshorts (7/5/09) 2,107 views

    A powerful independent feature film documentary on the animal rights movement from SHAC to Peta, the ALF and the FBI's declaration that animal rights activists are a greater terrorist threat to the USA than Al Quaeda. Featuring key figures like Josh Harper and Kevin Kjonaas with celebrity comment from Jessica Biel, Katherine Heigl, Kaley Cuoco, Joss Stone and James Cromwell. Funded by a political lobbyist to criticise Peta indie filmmakers Curt Johnson and Maura Flynn decided to give the activists a fair hearing leading to a long courtroom battle. A critically acclaimed independent film with 91% at Rotten Tomatoes it continues to cause controversy, getting pulled from DVD stores after pressure on major retailers from food industry lobbyists; you can still get a copy direct from distributors Halo-8 and check out the latest work from Curt Johnson's Indie Genius Productions on their Myspace.

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    Causality, Tense Short Film Thriller 08:51

    Causality, Tense Short Film Thriller

    by coffeeshorts (6/14/09) 154,847 views

    A taut, tense and clever dramatic thriller short from independent filmmaker AJ Wedding and Wave Breaking Productions, Causality tells the story of an imploded love triangle as one unexpected discovery and strong reaction creates a ripple of death, lies and exposed secrets. With strong cast performances and spot on technical filmmaking AJ delivers a superb indie short film thriller with all the twists and turns of a feature piece.

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    Lowdown; Short Film Thriller About Games and Trust 03:35

    Lowdown; Short Film Thriller About Games and Trust

    by coffeeshorts (4/8/09) 1,724 views

    A dinner party turns dark and dangerous in this beautfully shot dramatic thriller short film from Christian Grüner. What starts off as a simple game between a pair of couples quickly uncovers buried paranoias and dark secrets, brought to a climax when one couple agrees a dangerous ultimatum to test each other's trust in the relationship with devastating, and potentially deadly, results. This is Chris' second time on the network after Still Waiting and delivers more gorgeous classic filmmaking!

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    Under Same Sky Music Video 04:15

    Under Same Sky Music Video

    by coffeeshorts (4/1/09) 789 views

    Music video for acoustic guitar singer songwriter Niall Quinn's poetic life and love song Under Same Sky, from award winning UK independent film, movie and tv company Coffee Films and well worth a view for any fans of Ryan Adams, Damien Rice and other solo male acoustic guitar acts, hear more at

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    Fugees Pras Michel Homeless on LA Skid Row 02:18

    Fugees Pras Michel Homeless on LA Skid Row

    by coffeeshorts (2/21/09) 5,531 views

    Skid Row is a documentary tracing Fugee's celebrity rap star Prakazrel 'Pras' Michel's experience living homeless on the streets of LA's notorious Skid Row. Filmed by undercover crews and hidden cameras Pras, with no money in his pockets, experiences first hand the violent crime, hard drugs, discomfort and hunger of homelessness, putting a face and giving a voice to the people affected and exploring the reasons behind it. Produced by Pras Michel alongside Teryn Fogel and Rob Wisdom the film is available now via Nelson Madison Films.

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    Greed, Animated Short Film 02:25

    Greed, Animated Short Film

    by coffeeshorts (2/14/09) 33,494 views

    A superbly animated, clever and funny short film from Swedish character animator Alli Sadegiani. Through the simplest of plotlines, a single character, a single setting and a little comedy we see human greed laid bare for the idiotic and dangerous thing it is, something we all know is a part of us bubbling beneath the surface, that some keep in check and others fail to with disastrous implications for themselves and the people around them.

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    Still Waiting, Dramatic Short Film on Financial Collapse 03:16

    Still Waiting, Dramatic Short Film on Financial Collapse

    by coffeeshorts (2/6/09) 954 views

    A stunning short film on the evils of capitalist corporations, beautifully shot and crafted by German filmmaker Christian Grüner (better known for his high end advertising and extreme sports films as Pikestaff Studios). Through the strikingly simple and minimalist thoughts and memories of a central character sucked into a corporate world of hard sells and false hype, the film raises as many questions for the victims as the worlds of finance, sales and banking, and suggests the innate goodness of man is matched only by the innate greed.

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    Blindsight 48 Hour Comedy Short Film 04:22

    Blindsight 48 Hour Comedy Short Film

    by coffeeshorts (1/27/09) 1,188 views

    A very funny black comedy film from New Zealand following the latest case of a private eye specialising in finding lost things; heading to the femme fatale's home on a mission to find some lost keys something more sinister appears to be at work... Shot by David Collins and Lollicake as part of a 48 hour film challenge this film rises well above the constraints of the 48hr approach to create a simply all round great short film.

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