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    God or Mammon? 52:42

    God or Mammon?

    by covenantpeople (5/10/13) 7 views

    God or Mammon? [2009] centers around the teaching that Christians can NOT serve both the world's desires and Yahweh God at the same time. For this same reason, this unique study scrutinizes the entire thirteenth chapter of Romans in order to establish that not all earthly rulers are worthy of our "tribute." This sermon centers around Peter's teaching that we ought to obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29).

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    Home? I Haf No Home! 177:59

    Home? I Haf No Home!

    by covenantpeople (4/28/13) 2 views

    Home? I Haf No Home! [2013] is a nod to Bela Lugosi allowing Obadiah 1:18 of The Christian Identity Forum to explain the temporary downfall of his useful website, who exactly "targeted" it and when it's expected to resurface. Obie's DSCI web forum is a valuable resource for CI literature (most of which is unavailable elsewhere), great fellowship and a support-worthy place to stay updated on current events.

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    Predestination & Free Will 204:47

    Predestination & Free Will

    by covenantpeople (4/5/13) 1 views

    Predestination & Free Will [2013] is a meaningful look into "preexistence" proving the subject matters of predestination and free will are far more supported by canonized scripture than "life before birth." Did our spirits keep Yahweh company before we were born as flesh and blood beings? Has Yahweh preordained our lives? Or are Christians just slavishly following a script our Messiah has written for each of us?

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    Slander & Gossip in the Bible 104:23

    Slander & Gossip in the Bible

    by covenantpeople (4/5/13) 3 views

    Slander & Gossip in the Bible [2011] deals solely with the Laws of God pertaining to tale-bearers and intentional liars. Pastor Visser delivers a 30 minute cogent sermon on the subject, answers the questions of an excellent caller then world leading slanderer and gossiper Marty "I never told a lie I didn't like" Lindstedt calls in to provide expert testimony. Not to be missed even though it contains adult language!

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    Jesus Was NOT a Jew! 197:06

    Jesus Was NOT a Jew!

    by covenantpeople (4/5/13) 2 views

    Jesus Was NOT a Jew! [2012] showcases Pastor Eli James joining Obie and Visser for serious investigation into the racial linage of our Messiah using scripture and a variety of other historical sources. We examine Pilate's false charge against Jesus "the King of the Jews" and learn who exactly the false Judeans are mentioned in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. A great study into a very important Christian Identity topic.

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    Satan the Wicked 62:30

    Satan the Wicked

    by covenantpeople (4/5/13) 3 views

    Satan the Wicked [2013] investigates Lucifer and Cain's wicked progeny using the 62nd chapter of The First Book of Adam and Eve in addition to several New Testament epistles. Learn how Yahweh's very literal adversary attempted to hide certain truths from Adam and Eve resulting in a deeper teaching about two "fig trees" and how the sons of God always overcome ancient forces of darkness.

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    Your Father The Devil 90:46

    Your Father The Devil

    by covenantpeople (3/29/13) 3 views

    Your Father The Devil [2013] is a special sermon delivered for The Program by request of the host after hearing "The Viss" the night before. In this energetic teaching (targeted towards mature Christian audiences) Pastor Visser preaches from the eighth chapter of John and second chapter of II Peter upsetting the chat room even causing a jewish man to become enraged and call in threatening censorship!

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    Who Was King James? 170:01

    Who Was King James?

    by covenantpeople (3/29/13) 5 views

    Who was King James? allows Obadiah 1:18 of The Christian Identity Forum to provide historical background into the person of King James himself. While not a promotion of the KJV Bible it shows how the enemy has an interest in smearing Christian men thus this special show explains the genuine King James of Scotland using direct quotes from known figures of his time. Upcoming events are discussed.

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    Two Shall Become One 31:59

    Two Shall Become One

    by covenantpeople (3/27/13) 4 views

    Two Shall Become One (CPM Sessions) [2013] examines Biblical marriage and divorce by using Jesus' Words from the Gospel of Mark 10:1-16 and should be required listening for newlyweds or anybody considering the holy bond of matrimony. Is divorce sinful? What does marriage represent? These questions and so many more are answered by this brief sermon on Adam and Eve's creation and joining together.

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    Know Nothing Of Evil 36:16

    Know Nothing Of Evil

    by covenantpeople (3/10/13) 1 views

    Know Nothing Of Evil [2013] is a closer examination of king David's 101st Psalm and considered by many CPM listeners to be among Pastor Visser's most energetic sermons! This spirited lecture further highlights several traits of Satan's children and instructs the faithful in dealing with a godless society falling into apostasy. Order this CD FREE for your local congregation or spiritual enemies.

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