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    Pole Vault Explosion

    Pole Vault Explosion

    by crudster1986 (8/30/08) 374 views

    Watch as this guys pole pretty much explodes right after he plants in the box (that happens to me all the time). Keep in mind those poles are made out of fiber glass, definitely could have caused some damage.

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    Really Useful Paper Tip 02:58

    Really Useful Paper Tip

    by crudster1986 (8/30/08) 348 views

    This is a really good trick that will help you meet your quota for the papers you are writing in college or high school. It is nearly impossible to spot, and it can add pages to your paper.

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    Bus Wakeup Prank 01:03

    Bus Wakeup Prank

    by crudster1986 (8/30/08) 1,675 views

    These guys catch their buddy passed out on the bus. They blow an air horn just a few feet from him to wake him up. Dude wakes up completely confused.

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    Crazy Stage Dive

    Crazy Stage Dive

    by crudster1986 (8/30/08) 159 views

    One of the guys from the band Scary Kids Scaring Kids does probably the craziest stage dive Ive ever seen in my life. Watch the shirtless guy get kicked hard in the face.

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    Guy Drives Through Mall 01:46

    Guy Drives Through Mall

    by crudster1986 (8/30/08) 111 views

    Some guy who is most likely very drunk takes a nice little joy ride through an indoor mall. My guess is that he had the munchies and was craving some Sbarro Pizza. Or maybe he just really likes The Gap.

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    Foosball Nutshot

    Foosball Nutshot

    by crudster1986 (7/24/08) 2,414 views

    This guy was up 9-4 in the championship foosball game when his opponent takes a shot below the belt.

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