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    How to Speed Up Your Metabolism 03:48

    How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

    by dailyidea (8/21/08) 476 views

    Let’s be honest, we all make generalizations about people the first time we see them. Therefore, you're going to need every possible weapon in your arsenal to bag the best partner, and a great body is definitely one of your big guns. While we can't exactly tell you how to have a great personality or teach you how to “be cool” because we horde that secret for personal gain, a great body is something nature doesn't always provide that CAN be improved upon with a little time, dedication, and planning.

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    Getting Fit Becomes Easier With Twit2Fit 04:08

    Getting Fit Becomes Easier With Twit2Fit

    by dailyidea (8/15/08) 26 views

    A couple months ago, Jason Falls publicly committed to improving his health if his Twitter followers would join his efforts. A surprising number of folks stepped forward also wanting to improve their personal health and they've found the hashtag #twit2fit has been a great resource for support. With numerous workouts behind Jason's start, a web site www.twit2fit.com has been created and Jason explains how you can get involved.

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    NFL Fans Have A New Code Of Conduct 02:59

    NFL Fans Have A New Code Of Conduct

    by dailyidea (8/8/08) 216 views

    The National Football League (NFL) has announced its new code of conduct for its fans. America's most popular professional sport prohibits its sometimes reckless fans from being rude, offensive, drunk and your can't curse. While their fan base isn't quite as bad as the crazy soccer hooligans, it is quite ironic given all the off the field problems. Jason Falls breaks down why the NFL should focus more on its players and less on restricting the fans.

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    Cheech and Chong Getting High... Again 03:18

    Cheech and Chong Getting High... Again

    by dailyidea (8/1/08) 410 views

    The latest news in Hollywood is Cheech and Chong are going back on comedy tour. Jason predicts they'll be funny after all these years, but suggests they'll be 53% funnier if you've ever been high and 92% funnier if you go see them and you ARE high. We don't suggest or promote the use of illegal substances, it's just really interesting to see this pothead pair headed back on tour.

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    If Obama's Name Bothers You, Please Do Not Vote 03:06

    If Obama's Name Bothers You, Please Do Not Vote

    by dailyidea (7/25/08) 98 views

    The Daily Idea's senior apolitical correspondent, Jason Falls, finds fault with conservative pundits and their ignorant followers who think Barack Obama isn't fit to be president because his middle name is Hussein. Republicans have permission to spew their narrow-minded hate for fat people in the comments.

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    How to Best Use the Facebook Poke 04:13

    How to Best Use the Facebook Poke

    by dailyidea (7/18/08) 869 views

    Social networking can be fun for people of all ages and demographics, but what happens when your parents or their friends start to "friend" you? Jason Falls explains his thought process and finally finds what to do with the Facebook poke.

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    Happy 4th - Declaring Independenc 04:41

    Happy 4th - Declaring Independenc

    by dailyidea (7/4/08) 37 views

    On July 4th, 1776 the United States declared its independence from Great Britain. The historic Declaration of Independence was the document that proclaimed our new country's freedom to the world. Rather than talk about fireworks, parades or cookouts, Jason Falls reads excerpts of this famous document to remind us why our forefathers fought for our freedom.

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    Five Unwritten Rules For the Ballpark 05:31

    Five Unwritten Rules For the Ballpark

    by dailyidea (6/27/08) 59 views

    Jason Falls is a baseball fan who realizes most people who go to the ballpark are not. This week, Falls gives us five tips to mind your Ps and Qs when going to the baseball game. Or you can ignore all five and aggravate him. You have our permission.

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    Sometimes You Gotta Just Chill 03:13

    Sometimes You Gotta Just Chill

    by dailyidea (6/13/08) 45 views

    Life throws us many curve balls and our own, Jason Falls experienced this recently with bad weather hindering his travel plans. He offers a nice reminder why we just need to calm down, chill out and control what we can.

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