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    Humber College – Continuing Education 02:01

    Humber College – Continuing Education

    by dailywebtv (8/23/11) 43 views

    Humber College’s continuing education programs offer more than 1,400 courses and 200 part-time certificates to people looking to further their career, enter a new field, or ensure their current job security. Humber’s continuing education students can benefit from a variety of value-added services, including the college’s career counseling service. This evening service helps current and former Humber students with making career choices. Humber’s advising services include one-on-one career coaching, interest and skills assessment, and career goal identification and education planning.

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    Product Aids in Weight Loss 04:54

    Product Aids in Weight Loss

    by dailywebtv (8/15/11) 11 views

    Anyone that’s ever dieted knows how difficult it can be to maintain motivation and be truly successful at losing weight. Whether you’re an emotional eater, have a slow metabolism or just plain eat too much, there’s no magic pill that will help you lose weight. But there is a product that can help when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Genuine Health’s go4trim contains four key ingredients that bestselling author and personal trainer Bruce Krahn says can really help with the four areas he sees people struggling with. Metabolism, hunger, emotional eating and fluctuating blood sugar all throw off weight loss programs.

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    Ask Yourself, Where’s the Protein? 05:17

    Ask Yourself, Where’s the Protein?

    by dailywebtv (8/15/11) 9 views

    Protein is the corner stone of any nutrition program. That’s why it is so important to ask yourself where’s the protein? each time you sit down to a meal. “Protein is going to help you with increasing your metabolism, balancing your blood sugar, rebuilding lean muscle tissue and improving your immune system,” says bestselling author and personal trainer Bruce Krahn. That’s a lot of work from one portion of your plate. Though you can get sufficient protein from natural sources such as fish, chicken and yogurt, protein supplements make it much easier explains Krahn. “That’s where proteins+ really excels,” he says of the Genuine Health natural supplement. The high-quality protein isolate includes digestive enzymes that help your body digest and utilize the proteins efficiently and effectively.

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    Whittle Your Middle with Abs+ 04:40

    Whittle Your Middle with Abs+

    by dailywebtv (8/15/11) 17 views

    Abdominal fat, known as toxic fat in the nutrition world, is dangerous. It increases your risk factor for cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes and stroke, says bestselling author and registered nutritionist Dr. Joey Shulman. To target this dangerous fat, Dr. Shulman finds abs+ from Genuine Health to be an effective supplement, helping reduce belly fat and aid people who have reached a plateau in their weight loss regime. “abs+ is an all-natural supplement that contains CLA, which helps with targeting abdominal body fat, as well as green tea, which helps to increase metabolism,” explains personal trainer Bruce Krahn. He also explains that CLA helps to manage blood sugar, an action that helps reduce body fat around the waist. Additionally, “green tea contains EGCG, which will increase your metabolism and help you to burn more calories,” says Krahn.

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    Couples Can Experience Ontario Together 03:06

    Couples Can Experience Ontario Together

    by dailywebtv (7/29/11) 15 views

    As one of Ontario’s many romantic resorts, the Millcroft Inn offers couples the chance to enjoy each other’s company in a fantastic setting and indulge in the opulence of an amazing dining experience and a top-notch spa. “The dining experience at the Headwaters Restaurant at Millcroft Inn is a four diamond experience,” says resort manager Paul MacIntyre. The elegant setting and fresh cuisine is an experience not to be missed.

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    Lakeside Resort is Fresh and Natural 03:07

    Lakeside Resort is Fresh and Natural

    by dailywebtv (7/29/11) 6 views

    As a heritage Ontario lakeside resort, The Briars Resort and Spa is a refuge of relaxation and hospitality. The resort is nestled amidst acres of lush lawns, gardens and towering trees that are surrounded by Lake Simcoe’s shoreline and is home to a variety of wildlife. The Briars is located in Jackson Point, Ontario, just an hour’s drive north of Toronto, and has been in the Sibbald family since 1880 says manager Hugh Sibbald. “We’re the fifth generation here on the property,” the manager explains, saying there is so much to do at the resort.

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    Enhancing Your Face 06:15

    Enhancing Your Face

    by dailywebtv (6/1/11) 6 views

    As we age, the years are revealed by our skin. Facial rejuvenation, in its many forms, will help to erase those years. One simple step that can result in younger looking skin is using the right skin product. Dr. Douglas Grace, a plastic surgeon advises that Vitamin A is the only product that can actually make skin appear smoother and less wrinkled. It actually increases the thickness of your skin, he says.

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    Strip Loin Steak with Sautéed Mushrooms 05:24

    Strip Loin Steak with Sautéed Mushrooms

    by dailywebtv (6/1/11) 19 views

    Strip Loin Steak with Sautéed Mushrooms Carve grilled steaks into thin slices to pass and share at the table. This makes a pretty presentation and lets everyone choose just how much they want. Very high in: zinc, niacin and vitamin B12.

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    Quinoa and Beef Stuffed Peppers 06:19

    Quinoa and Beef Stuffed Peppers

    by dailywebtv (6/1/11) 9 views

    Kids love these colorful peppers — they’re like having lasagna without the fuss of layering and with the nutrient-boost of sweet peppers and protein rich quinoa and lean beef! Very high in: magnesium, zinc, niacin and vitamins A, C and B12.

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