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    Bachata Music Nunca 03:58

    Bachata Music Nunca

    by dancesavvy (4/23/11) 156 views Bachata Music for my bleeding heart =). Bonita cancion´╗┐ by Rigo Luna. Brought to you by Visit this site for free bachata dance lessons and list of bachata music. Aventura, Toby Love, Prince Royce, etc.

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    Bachata 03:28


    by dancesavvy (7/23/08) 27,861 views Anna and Carlos dancing a sexy bachata. This sensual bachata dance is from the Dominican Republic. Learn to dance like Carlos; dominican style bachata and modern urban bachata.

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    Bachata Dance 01:36

    Bachata Dance

    by dancesavvy (7/23/08) 2,611 views

    More dancing clips from our talented bachata dance instructor and creator of the Bachata Building Blocks DVD series available at Carlos has done it again and will teach you how to dance bachata.