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My Friend Janel also helped out with her final play last weekend...her and Richard will be dearly missed at our drama club, she is like our sister! Here is a vid for her. -From Danielle, Hillary, and Heather
  • 19 Apr 2008
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Made for convention 07-08 I upgraded it with more titles to show our kiwanis club...but converter it's not the best
  • 19 Apr 2008
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I made this for my friend Richard because yesterday he acted in a play for our school's Drama club for the final time. The people taping were my friend Hillary and I (Danielle) (my friend and I) Are also In high school, but we were just costumers. (Mr. B let him act in the Junior High play even know he is a senior because they needed an older person for the part) We will miss him...He was being a bum about the taping there is not very many positive moments from him in the most recent filming.
  • 8 Sep 2008
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I was Randomly taping Key Club, please, no negtive comments, this was submited with the intention of my friends key club can see the tape
  • 20 Feb 2008
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Um....Well, it is not the best......but it is interesting to my friends to hear how I sound on video singing (Lillaster's version) Please! No negitive comments, I know im no Rihanna, and I don't take the best videos in the world.....
  • 19 Jan 2008
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Another video about Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean. This video is strictly somethings that happened between them. I messed up on the credits at the end because the program was acting dumb that I was about ready to throw my labtop out the window! I need a better movie maker even shuts down after you use so many clips, so you have to waste space on your computer to save the movie so you can import it back in. (This creates less clips....but it is a pain in the butt) Oh well, at least I can still create movies with it. If anyone knows a movie maker that is free that is better than Windows Movie Maker...please let me know! THE CLIPS BELONG TO DISNEY AND THIS WAS JUST MADE FOR FUN, NOT FOR MONEY
  • 31 Dec 2007
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I don't want to spoil the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie for anyone who hasnt seen im not going to say who Elizabeth ends up with. These clips are from Pirates of the Caribbean-The curse of the black Pearl, and Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead mans chest. The song is "Seat next to you" by Bon Jovi This video will not be used to make money, it was made for fun only. Merry Christmas everyone!
  • 9 Dec 2007
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A HP tribute the song is do you know (duhh) Well, hope you like!! MY MERRY CHIRSTMAS TO METACAFE!!
  • 4 Dec 2007
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The movie is quite blury and the sound is soft so turn up your speakers, (I made it on sims 2)
  • 10 Oct 2007
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A little movie I did on how Global warming is affecting the polar bears
  • 9 Oct 2007
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Only a few seconds....please watch!!(and coment)
  • 18 Sep 2007
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This video is dedicated to my friend Brian that died in April, April 29th, 2007 to be exact. I miss him very much and I hope that he remains in everyone's memory forever.....This movie is based on when Jack Sparrow dies at the end of the second movie, the dedication song is "Big girls don't cry" and the movie's song is "When your gone." By Avril Lavine
  • 13 Sep 2007
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Let's say Elizabeth and Jack were in a relationship, well, Elizabeth decides to go back to Will, and Jack was upset about it for a while. But now he is over it. Once again, the quality isnt the best because my converter is a peice of junk, so please no comments about the quality. But feel free to rate and comment (comments anything besides spam and quality.) The song is Over You daughtry.
  • 25 Aug 2007
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A collection of random photos that I had on my cellphone, The song is home by daughtry, I hope it makes you laugh!(Quality not the best because they are from a cell phone!! So please....I KNOW!!!)
  • 22 Aug 2007
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Okay, never mind that last submission. I fixed the movie so at least it plays the entire movie. But, once again, My clips were flv, and I had to convert them, but my converter is a peice of junk, so please, no comments about the quality of some of this. Enjoy, watch and comment, no Spam comments. Pirates of the caribbean is owned by Disney, not me. And I will make NO PROFIT off of this
  • 12 Aug 2007
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Yes, I know the quality is pretty bad in some parts, but most of my clips were Flv files and I had to convert them, and my converter is a peice of junk...And my WMM cut off about a minute of the movie!!! but...the audio is still there! *Grrrrr* So i'm gunna have to fix that......So please...not to harsh on this one...when I fix it abit, i'm gunna submit that one...I think Jack and Elizabeth were meant for eachother, that's why I make these videos. Well, please, watch and comment, but please...NO SPAM COMMENTS!!! And POTC belongs to disney, and I won't make any profit off of this.
  • 12 Aug 2007
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A video I made a while ago....
  • 7 Aug 2007
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