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    Pinhole Specs - See Without Lenses 01:03

    Pinhole Specs - See Without Lenses

    by knaven (1/13/08) 13,531 views

    Pinhole Specs - See Without Lenses. Download my pinhole specs plans from the "Related link" below and print on thin cardboard to create your own pair of pinhole specs. Have fun with pinholes even if you don't have poor eyesight. Pinholes can improve poor eyesight or reduce the minimum focus distance of someone with good eyesight. With pinholes only the central light rays pass through the eye lens, these are not bent by the eye lens and so a clearer image is projected onto the retina. In this video pinhole specs were used with a defocused camera to simulate the before and after effect of seeing with pinholes.

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    Don't Buy A Master Lock No5 Padlock 06:18

    Don't Buy A Master Lock No5 Padlock

    by Twi7ch (12/31/07) 806,126 views

    Short video describing the weakness of these large master locks. So easy an 8 year old could do it. Don't forget to look at my other videos! Hide safes, RFID blocking wallet, and more!

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    DIY: Eggstractor

    DIY: Eggstractor

    by loup226 (11/27/07) 146,316 views

    Very useful way to peel an boiled egg. With this homemade gadget you can peeling over 50 eggs per minutes . Very Very Fast and Easy.Great for introducing kid to the science.

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    Refill Printer Cartridge For $5 01:19

    Refill Printer Cartridge For $5

    by akamakavely (11/18/07) 61,600 views

    Printers are one of the most popular home & office tools in the world, because they are inexpensive, yet highly versatile. But the ink costs more than the printers in some cases, well learn how you can refill at home right now for only $5 !

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    Easy FREE Home Heat! 02:17

    Easy FREE Home Heat!

    by babblin5 (11/14/07) 193,659 views

    ►► http://EnergyForEarth.net - Passive Solar Heaters not only save you money, but are very eco-friendly. Learn how to make your own for less than $10!

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    Scars With Bubblegum

    Scars With Bubblegum

    by loup226 (10/1/07) 426,711 views

    easy technique for making scars for party ,halloween,movie etc.simple and made with household item.. Watch my other video (Bullet Hole : Fx Makeup)

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    Cool Little Miniature Stove! 01:43

    Cool Little Miniature Stove!

    by NK5 (9/26/07) 1,510,511 views

    I'll show you how to make a great little portable stove from stuff you probably have laying around your house! It's perfect for camping, backpacking, and power outages.