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    Effective Ab Workout Routine (No Equipment Needed)

    Effective Ab Workout Routine (No Equipment Needed)

    by fitnessvip (4/6/09) 92,994 views

    Get more ab workout routine for FREE at Perform the exercises in order for a total of 2 rounds. -Beginners- 15 seconds work time 30 second break in between sets -Intermediate- 35 seconds work time 25 second break in between sets -Advanced- 60 seconds work time no break in between Ab Workout Routine: 1. Toe Touch 2. Hip Raise 3. Bicycle Kick 4. Mountain Climber 5. Plank Your Six Pack Abs Journey Starts Today. Join Thousands of People Compete To Be The Next Abs Man of The Year. Join now at

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    F-16 Low Pass 01:45

    F-16 Low Pass

    by zimol (1/22/09) 133,940 views

    A short but amazing compilation of Dutch F-16 doing crazy low passes in Afghanistan.

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    Be Human Calculator 03:45

    Be Human Calculator

    by aerospacecorp (8/14/08) 107,373 views

    Check this out. In just 4 minutes learn to calculate faster than any calculator. Your can power-up your weak Math muscle and turn it into a bulging bicep.

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    Double Backflip

    Double Backflip

    by neuroshment (7/16/08) 415,327 views

    Perfectly executed by Ryan Guettler at the final run of BMX dirt finals, Portland Dew Tour 2007

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    Ab Secrets Revealed by #1 02:24

    Ab Secrets Revealed by #1

    by FitSquad (7/14/08) 9,470 views

    FitSquad shows you the real way to get a six pack. This Video shows a 90 sec ab drill to create a deep cut six-pack. It is a very challenging and efficient exercise for your abdominals when performed correctly. watch the video to get instructions.

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