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    Education 06:08


    by deeps1023 (12/22/09) 842 views

    This is how some of the unlucky students ... are deprived of getting education .... we , the people are mainly responsible for this.... This is my move to promote education not only in INDIA but also all over the world .... Hope u like it...

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    Extreme Train Surfer 02:51

    Extreme Train Surfer

    by deeps1023 (12/15/09) 272 views

    HEs the amazing guy who dares to surf in a atrain going almost above 250 kmph... bt stiil enjoys the thrilling ride .... may god bless him ..

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    Amazing Jet Plane Take Off

    Amazing Jet Plane Take Off

    by deeps1023 (12/10/09) 461,903 views

    This will keep your mouth open ,,,,,, how in earth did the fighter plane emerged from underwater n blasted off in the air... its REALLY AMAZING GUYS >>> WATCH IT N KEEP UR BRAINS SCRATCHING >>> plzzz rate good

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    NFS Shift

    NFS Shift

    by deeps1023 (12/8/09) 250 views

    Ultimate release from EA games .... the latest additin to the need for speed series... NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT... boot ur system n gear up for the new challenges, rivals , races n many more .. try it ... it will surely leave u STUNNED............!!!!! rate it good guys...

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    Lamborghini 01:48


    by deeps1023 (12/8/09) 396 views

    This is a real goodie for those who chose the FAST TRACK... This machine is gonna drive u crazy ... With a powerful heart beating inside this baby.. It can make real men bow before her .. Catch the new look from Lambourghini... WANNA DRIVE IT LOL....????

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    PROTOTYPE (game Trailer) 03:22

    PROTOTYPE (game Trailer)

    by deeps1023 (12/8/09) 423 views

    PROTYPE . by Activision.. Claiming the prestigious GAME OF THE YEAR 09. this has made gamers speechless ALEX MERCER ,,the saviour , has been infected by a deadly virus which is spreading the city of new york.. BUT ALEX tries his best to save his people ... with awesome powers n consuming capability .. he makes his way through the enemy n ends up finding the cause... WATCH IT N M DAMN SURE U WILL LOVE .. plzzzzz rate good ..

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    Beautiful Message

    Beautiful Message

    by deeps1023 (12/7/09) 155 views

    Heres a Message for all u guys ... This is something u should take care of in ur life ... Think twice before u doing anything that goes against u n the society .... i hope u like it ,,,, thanku for watching my message... ....

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    Birth of UCE.. 03:44

    Birth of UCE..

    by deeps1023 (12/6/09) 124 views

    The Oldest college of the state.. took birth in the foot hills of hirakud.... now empowering to answer the challenges of the technical world