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    Design Snob - #16 from Design Minstrel 04:05

    Design Snob - #16 from Design Minstrel

    by designminstrel (10/11/08) 89 views

    My attempt to paint a complete picture of where I think the mainstream graphic design culture is stuck. See all my videos at Here are the lyrics: Are you still here?...If you're a web designer you can just go home!I said If you're a web designer you can just go home!D-E-S-I-G-N-SN-O-B, yeah D-E-S-I-G-N-SN-O-BThe way I always dress is all in blackI have an iPhone I'm strictly MacI crave the white space And tiny typeI'm a perfectionist, ooh- so fussy fussyLegendary, and so-famousI get published, ooh-regularlyI'm a genius, conceptuallyCondescending, ooh - and bossy bossyI-get obsessed by little thingsbackwards quote marks make me meanTracking-and-kerning are-not-the-same-thingAnd-if-you-can-remember just one thing Helvetica is all you needAnd if you want to be like meJust give up, you'll never beAn icon, a-god, a fresh machineAt conferences, they honor meThey even have to pay a feeTheir-memberships fund-the trophyIf only the world were as bright as me Good design would set them freeNothing schlocky, or uglyAnd no roy-al-ty-freeOne dollar stock photographyI live alone, myawards on my wallsI have an exotic dogNamed him Saul BassI play an instrumentJust to show I'm notOne dimensional, ooh - so many talentsLegendary, so many facetsI get published, ooh-regularlyI'm a genius, conceptuallyCondescending, ooh -and bossy bossyI collect Ray-Gun-magazines, I of-course have all of them.Rolling Stone back issues, to worship the layout-of-themA pile thats so high I'll need an new Bauhaus shelf-for-themI-have every single CA and-have copied ideas from all of themI have enough-antique-toys in my office to fill-a-gymnasiumMy chair costs more than I pay my-assistant in monthShe does all the work and I get all the credit.But she's lucky to be here to learn from meI know its 2:30am but she CANT GO HOME!D-E-S-I-G-N-SN-O-B, yeah D-E-S-I-G-N-SN-O-BI only do printNot-web designThe InternetIs a waste of timeReal-design-is PantoneAnd offset, oh so glossy glossyI'm a genius, conceptuallyAnd I'm not obvious, ooh - that would not be meA perfectionist, so fussy, fussyCondescending, ooh and bossy, bossyNegative-feedback I won't hearMy creations I hold dearWhen you tell me that I'm wrongThat's when I say, "so long"You-say-my-hourly-rate's absurdI won't even hear a wordMy time's worth more than goldDespite my ADD - and I'm oldGuys like me are hard to findLike a diamond in a mineSpend ten minutes with meAnd you will clearly see You're inferior to meAll your desire in the worldWon't make-up-for-the-boundless talentThat I alone hold.The awards told me soAnd I gotta know Because I have won them allNow you've got to go....

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