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Mercenaries From Hong Kong - Shaw Brothers Films
  • 10 Apr 2007
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Tsai Chih Chung Comic: Spitting On Ghosts The writing of Chinese early thinkers have influenced all facets of Chinese culture and society, from educations to art, from polities and warfare to common etiquette. The popular comics book artist Tsai Chih Chung has faithfully brought the wisdom of these classics to life with his uniquely charming illustrations. TSAI CHIH CHUNG is a Taiwanese cartoonist and populariser of Chinese philosophy whose books haven sold over 40 million copies and have been translated into a dozen languages. In addition to the Tao Speaks, Zen Speaks, Sunzi Speaks and Zhuangzi Speaks have been translated into English.
  • 25 Mar 2007
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Colligating the Chinese Kungfu with the West Boxing, Bruce Lee, the famous international movie star and Wushu Expert, created JEET KUNE DO, which was popularized to world by the Hollywood movies
  • 24 Mar 2007
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Shaolin staff is an important part of Shaolin Wushu,after the thirteen monks with staff saved the king of dynasty Tang, it's more famous than before.
  • 1 Apr 2007
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Chinese Vertical Bamboo Flute - Xiao
  • 19 Mar 2007
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The Shaolin Liu He Boxing has been developed continuously in practice by Mr. Wan LaiSheng. It's finished when it is used in actual combat. "Move, everything moves; Still, everything stills." The tranquility causes the calm of opportunity; the movement causes the change of all. Wan Laisheng has told the disciples that it is a must to for one to realise that the concept of "Liu He" (six conformations) before understand the beauty of real Kung Fu.
  • 14 Mar 2007
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Masterpieces and Famous music of GuZheng
  • 12 Mar 2007
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Masterpieces and Famous music of Flute
  • 12 Mar 2007
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Master Chen ZhangLei is the 19th Generation disciple and 11th generation family disciple of Chen Style Tai Chi and one of China's contemporary Top Ten WuShu masters. He was born in ChenJiaGou Village in Wenxian County, Henan Province, where TaiChi is said to have been created. He is now the president of Wenxian county Chen Style Tai Chi Reasearn Institute, a WuShu coach at Henan Wushu Center, and schoolmaster of ChenJiagou Tai Chi Quan Schoo. Master Chen was a deputy to the 17th National People's Congress. He began to learn TaiChi Quan from his uncle in 1958 and gradually mastered all the set routines, practice methods, and theories of Chen Style Tai Chi Quan.
  • 10 Mar 2007
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