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The collection of pictures show that there are times in life when sh*tty things happen and one couldn't really deny this fact.
  • 22 May 2018
  • 515
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These pictures are the perfect revenge for the people who pranked you. Go, Cringe them to death with these.
  • 20 May 2018
  • 1 484
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If you’re browsing through the Internet aimlessly, looking for amazing things to help you kill some time, look no further. Here, we have all kinds of content to catch your eye. What’s more, none of these are photoshopped!
  • 19 May 2018
  • 2 672
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These are some of the most undebatable facts all of us need to know. There cannot be any contrary arguments for these.
  • 18 May 2018
  • 23 195
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These 25 pictures show us how all cartoons, however absurd they make look, shockingly resemble certain people. It’s true, for each of the weirdly shaped faces and the even weirder features on the faces of our favorite cartoons, there’s a human look alike!
  • 17 May 2018
  • 2 238
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Take a look at this series of pictures depicting anyone’s worst nightmare. These are some of the most unfortunate situations you could ever land in, and you’ll agree when you see them.
  • 16 May 2018
  • 2 048
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Something is definitely wrong with the Russians. They are freaking crazy. In fact, you can say Russians are the epitome of loonies.
  • 15 May 2018
  • 3 132
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It’s uncanny how relatable these pictures are, in spite of being so funny. Each picture you see, you’ll be amazed at how precise and true they are.
  • 14 May 2018
  • 1 098
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Here are some funny pictures to show some of the workplaces fails or pranks. Yeah, these sort of things happen at every workplace, I guess. Whatsoever, it's worthy of a laughter.
  • 14 May 2018
  • 1 266
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Safety is not the first priority on some people’s mind, they take risks like it is a piece of cake. I guess they don’t wanna live too long.
  • 12 May 2018
  • 1 840
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Stupidity is a matter of perspective. But genius? If it’s there, its undeniable. Now, some of these contraptions may look incredibly stupid but let’s face it, even Einstein was called the mad scientist.
  • 10 May 2018
  • 2 794
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Pictures that will have you cracking up with hilarious incredulity, will probably have Russians scratching their hands, wondering what’s so funny. With all due respect to the people of Russia, here’s a bunch of weird photos that look normal only in the land of the strange.
  • 9 May 2018
  • 2 330
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They have no idea how wrong they have been doing it. Watch the funniest doing-it-wrong pictures and make your day.
  • 8 May 2018
  • 3 355
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28 pictures stating the obvious, some of these will have you falling out of your chairs laughing. Interesting, isn’t it, how the most obvious of things get the most laugh out of us?
  • 7 May 2018
  • 3 376
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People are very clever, their actions make it very clear. They will play it so well sometimes you can do nothing but praise.
  • 6 May 2018
  • 3 661
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Some parents included using the notes in their parenting system and I don’t know how effective it was but they sure are fun to read.
  • 4 May 2018
  • 4 218
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This gallery is a dedication from us to all the gamers around the world. If you don’t get some of these, try to look at it from a gamer’s POV.
  • 3 May 2018
  • 4 203
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Again we are present with a mind-boggling image collection where you will have no proper set of words than WTF to comment on these.
  • 2 May 2018
  • 4 301
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