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Visit my personal website designed the site myself, I have also uploaded better quality videos there. Please try to leave some comments, I will greatly appreciate any feedback. I captured this on 23rd march 2007, Location: Oklahoma City. I was looking for random flashes in the sky and captured this!
  • 20 Apr 2009
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Derek and I going to Alberta, a tornado appeared RIGHT in front of us... No zoom was used Manitoba Canada
  • 19 Apr 2009
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Same Plane with Nosegear failure
  • 10 Apr 2009
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Take off with an Afriqiyah A320 a Djerba Zarzis DTTJ Landing with Emirates 777-200 at TNCM Princess Juliana And finally crosswind landing with Air India 777-200 at Mumbai VABB. All with X-Plane v9 Flight Simulator The song is Lemar-It's not That Easy
  • 16 Apr 2009
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Hay, This was a week long project! I used Natural Reader for narration! I hope you enjoy reading the Subtitles! This was made with X-Plane 9 and Sony Vegas! Hope you enjoy the HD Quality!
  • 7 Apr 2009
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I just got my new nice Southwest Plane. I love it! So here is a good landing at San Francisco Int. I hope you enjoy. Message me if you have any particular video you want me to make. Thanks!
  • 2 May 2009
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October 12, 2006 Santa Maria, California is hit by a severe lightning storm. This photography slideshow movie is from stills as Cathy L. Gregg photographed the incredible display from the inside of her car for almost 3 hours. In a 12 hour period this lightning storm produced almost 5,700 strikes of lightning. This area of California is not known for this type of lightning storm. It just happened to be the right conditions of cold and hot coming together and creating a wonderful show of lightning. This storm hardly produced any rain, a little hail and luckily no major damage. All photographs © Cathy L. Gregg. If you want to learn more about photographing lightning check this YouTube video out but please remember to be safe out there! Don't stand outside with your camera and tripod shoot from some sort of shelter (like I photographed from inside my car). Safety First! As for the song (many people have asked) it is on a cd called "Strung Out On U2: A String Quartet Tribute". The song is U2's "Bad" played by a group called "The Section". It is used on here with permission. The CD was produced by Vitamin Records and their website is
  • 27 Apr 2009
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Yah A Quicky.. An info
  • 12 Jan 2009
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This is the intro to season 3 of The Suite Life with Cole Spouse and Dillan Spouse.
  • 20 Mar 2009
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My flight from San to Oak. No audio.. Casue their aint much to here. But I added some music ;] to fit the mood... By 911
  • 12 Jan 2009
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  • 13 Jan 2009
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  • 12 Jan 2009
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Date: June 26, 1988 Time: 14:45 Location: Habsheim, France Operator: Air France Flight number: 296Q Route: Basel - Basel AC type: Airbus A320-111 Aboard: 136 (passengers: 130, crew:6) Fatalities: 3 (passengers: 3, crew:0) Summary: The plane was scheduled to perform a series of fly-bys at an air show. The plane was to descend to 100 ft. altitude with landing gear and flaps extended. The automatic go-around protection was inhibited for the maneuver. During the maneuver, the plane descended thru 100 ft. to an altitude of 30 feet and hit trees at the end of the runway. The aircraft was totally destroyed by the successive impacts and violent fire which followed. The pilot allowed the aircraft to descend through 100 ft. at slow speed and maximum angle of attack and was late in applying go-around power. Unfamiliarity of the crew with the landing field and lack of planning for the flyby. Source: *******www.planecrashinfo****/
  • 14 Sep 2009
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