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    Daton L Fluker AKA DK Boy Concert with the Steal Hearts 05:19

    Daton L Fluker AKA DK Boy Concert with the Steal Hearts

    by dkboy (1/20/09) 223 views

    Hi, I recently was a guess performer on stage with the Steal Hearts here in Japan. I performed one of my hit Singles War Kingdom. There was a lot of performers that night and I wish we could of got them all on video tape but we still had a great time rocking out with the audience and had a big after party after. I will try to go check out some more events and get them filmed for you guys. It takes a while working with video footage but it is an amazing form of getting the people more involved in your entertainment. Have a good one Daton L Fluker AKA DK Boy

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    Steal Hearts Band Practice Video 2

    Steal Hearts Band Practice Video 2

    by dkboy (1/8/09) 114 views

    Hello Everybody I hope all of you had great new years. Me personally I am learning more how to do promotional videos. Any music company in Japan that is looking for someone to do a promotional video for them++ gives me a holla. All you have to do is hit me up on my e-mail my web The first 50 people that need free video promotion will get an amateur film made promoting an event or something they need to get the word out really quick. Just don't get angry with me if my face or logo is in your video. It's free and I will video tape it the way I feel fit. Basically what I am saying if you are not prepared I have plenty of Ideas to help you Video promotions for the Steal Hearts, Kiryu, Jalal Jaffer in Bahrain will always be free because they sticking with me through these terrible times, Especially artist that are struggling working to make ends meet also other problems the reclining stock markets in the US, the forever war in Iraq, unemployment in t

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    Steal Hearts Concert with Special Guest Kiryu痴 and DK Boy 07:10

    Steal Hearts Concert with Special Guest Kiryu痴 and DK Boy

    by dkboy (1/1/09) 270 views

    Invite your friends.Thanks and Happy New Years to you All. DKboy Kanagawa prefecture Kawasaki Ichikawa promontory Ku Ogawa Cho 14-1 Relations chapter building 3F 044-233-3637 From JR Kawasaki station Its about a 5 minute to 6 minute walk If you are driving please get off at this exit Kawasaki underground town/[azeria] 36th exit Here is the access map http://www. serbian-night. tv/access/index. html Heres the Parking Map http://www. serbian-night. tv/access/parking. html http://www. serbian-night. tv/ ■所在地 神奈川県川崎市川崎区小川町14-1 仲章ビル 3F ■電話番号 044-233-3637 ■所要時間 JR川崎駅より徒歩4分 京急川崎駅より徒歩6分 川崎地下街 / アゼリア36番出口

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    Daton Eatting And Apple 03:49

    Daton Eatting And Apple

    by dkboy (12/2/08) 157 views check it out.... Help support the "Speaks of Shadows" Campaign... New Writer would like to direct his own screenplay.... More information on the topic is on the website... Thanks for viewing the video and have a wonderful day.