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    The Pigeon Paper Plane 02:51

    The Pigeon Paper Plane

    by doc.clueless (11/9/06) 15,282 views

    Despite the unique design this paperplane is a stable and elegant flyer. Still quite easy to build. Depending on the sheet of paper you use you need sometimes to lean the neck a bit more forward to shift the center of gravity to the front. You can do that after you finsihed the pigeon paper plane.

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    Learn The Bowline Knot! 01:01

    Learn The Bowline Knot!

    by doc.clueless (11/4/06) 5,431 views

    You should know it instead of tieing the common housewife knot ;-) You will need it one day... This is probably the most used professional knot worldwide. A good knot is easy to tie, easy to open - even after strong forces applied - and does not weaken the rope.