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    Ultimate Lamborghini Reventon 02:24

    Ultimate Lamborghini Reventon

    by doomlord13 (11/25/08) 18,573 views

    ultimate lamborghini reventon So this is it. The ultimate Lamborghini - the Reventon. Based on the already outragous Murcielago, this is the ultimate iteration of the marque, and probably the swan-song for the awesome V12, first seen in the Miura a lifetime ago. But it has grown and evolved, and now puts out 650bhp! Only 20 of these monsters are being made, and list price is 1,000,000 euros - before tax! But as they're all pre-sold you can bet your boots it will cost you a fair bit more than that if you want one! This will probably be the last of the old-fashioned, hairy-chested supercars. It's going to be a dangerous beast, but if outragous, ultimate supercars are your love, this is the ultimate.