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Anything3D development team is happy to introduce our product - 3D Photo Builder. This new universal software is produced for processing and creating 3D Images and 3D Panoramas and already has new Professional Version 2.0. Our application is based on many-years experience of imaging process and combines well professional quality of results and clear easy-to-use interface. It is equipped with a wide range of tools which allow the user to carry out pictures and storage them easy and conveniently, viewing, processing, exporting and WEB publication of 3D graphics. 3D Photo Builder is extremely easy and quick way of processing pictures into 360/Partial 3D Panorama. This software chooses the right edges of first and the next picture finding the common points of the overlap and after that the process of stitching begins. Such process continues till all the pictures will be stitched. A wide range of features of 3D Photo Builder enables you not only to create 360/Partial 3D Panorama but also to send as email or publishing to web. With 3D Photo Builder you can pan, zoom and export!
  • 19 Jul 2008
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ClipShows are essentially templates for slideshows. They contain graphics, stock pictures, effects and even audio clips that are pre-arranged into interesting slideshow segments. You use them in your slideshow by replacing the stock photos with your own, add new clips, or by inserting the originals "straight up" into your slideshow without further customizations. Using ClipShows, you can compose entire slideshows quickly and easily. Use them as starting points to jumpstart your slideshow creation process. Get new ideas on how to compose your photos and video clips in creative ways.
  • 22 Jul 2008
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:) teach magic online
  • 16 Jan 2007
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H siktir lan
  • 21 Jan 2007
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Dikkat sžahan cikabilir - Beynini Aldiran Adam
  • 17 Jan 2007
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