Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon video. A Ninety per cent referral rate along with clients video testimonials show Dr. Yoho as the preferred Liposuction breast implant cosmetic surgeon for Beverly Hills Los Angeles Pasadena and Malibu. http://www.dryoho.com book your free consultation today.
  • 18 Jun 2010
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A Los Angeles liposuction client shows her amazing transformation with cosmetic surgery.Pasadena Cosmetic surgeon Dr Robert Yoho has performed over ten_thousand! lipo procedures. Visit www.dryoho.com or call 800 804 5476 for a free consultation.
  • 28 Feb 2010
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In Pasadena Los Angeles, with thousands of cosmetic surgery liposuction procedures performed dryoho.com invites you to a free consultation now also in the Fresno Bakersfield area. Board certified Cosmetic Surgeon specializing in all forms of liposuction laser lipo smartlipo.Call our office Toll Free: 800 804 5476
  • 2 Mar 2010
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Cosmetic surgery procedures for men and women in Los Angeles, Pasadena area.Dr Yoho discusses in this video the details of facial,facelift(face-lift) procedures.He talks about the pros and cons of full facial surgery to cheek,chin implants,chin,jowl liposuction,cosmetic fillers and botox. For a free consultation contact. http://www.dryoho.com/ Interviewer is Alex Delgado of NBC Today show.
  • 21 Dec 2009
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