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    StAiRs - Numero Uno

    StAiRs - Numero Uno

    by drorange (3/28/08) 169 views

    my first cardistry video Sorry about ooh la laa i just learned it. I just really wanted to include my Ace production version. Please comment

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    FS^2 01:01


    by drorange (3/28/08) 126 views

    My first ever flourish i made, False Shuffled Squared, and is false hence the name

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    Card Across

    Card Across

    by drorange (8/5/07) 672 views

    I trick i made up using a note erdnase made on revealing 2 cards check out my two other tricks two card monte and biddle trick the first to reach 5,000 gets a tutorial

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    Two Card Monte

    Two Card Monte

    by drorange (8/2/07) 470 views

    A trick made famous by David Blaine Don't forget to check out my other tricks The first to reach 5,000 hits gets a tutorial

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    Biddle Trick 01:19

    Biddle Trick

    by drorange (8/5/07) 762 views

    If you want to learn one trick this is it!!!! A great street magic effect my favourite trick Don't forget to check out my other videos Two card monte and Card across the first with 5,000 views gets the tutorial

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    Changing Card Tutorial 02:15

    Changing Card Tutorial

    by drorange (8/3/07) 62,310 views

    A trick made using a cool colour change impress your friends and family like i have done hundreds of times Stay tuned for more magic tutorials from Drorange