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******* Every mighty wallet has its own story as to how it came to be created. Each one has its own particular history regarding the design and where the inspiration come from. "My old wallet" is a wallet design that came from the first wallet I was ever given. My grandpa Bob gave me this wallet when I was just a little boy. I can't remember how old I was then but I grew up with my grandparents and was living with Bob and my grandma Mary at the time. Somehow I managed to keep this wallet over 30 years and found it when I was looking through some old boxes of personal stuff I had stored away. The idea was instantaneous - I looked at the leather wallet and thought - this would be a great design all by itself. I took the wallet into my photo studio and shot it under the bright lights. The photos were used directly on the mighty wallet and the proportions fit perfectly. The wallet itself was in good shape partly due to the fact that it was never really used it. When my grandpa gave me the wallet I was so small and it was so big I couldn't fit it into my pocket so it spent most of its time in a drawer of my desk until I was big enough to use it. The only thing that wore off was the stitching (surprise) and some writing where he originally wrote my name and our phone number in the middle. Some people have asked me if he made the design himself. No, he didn't. But at first I thought he might have because my grandpa Bob was an industrious guy. He was a tool and die worker who was always working on some home project and he also did do some metal stamping. In fact the stamping in the wallet looked a lot like some metal stamping that my great-grandfather did to our towel racks. However it wasn't either of their design but they were both hard workers and now I can see the lineage of that in my family coming to rest with me. I'm very proud that I have the opportunity to make a Mighty Wallet from the leather wallet my grandfather gave me. Its strange but just the other night I was thinking of my grandpa, and I was wondering about his father (my great-grandpa) and his struggle to succeed. My great-grandpa, John Kelleman, was the first in our family to immigrate to the US. Two years ago I visited Ellis Island and saw his name engraved on a monument there. It seems like things have come full circle now with me moving to New York and continuing the dream of a better life for my young family. Now as a father myself I realize that I didn't get here on my own. The work and struggle that my grandparents and great-grandparents made is why any of this at all possible for me. Now its my turn to try to provide a better life for my wife and our two daughters. My grandpa Bob isn't alive any more and he never got to see the Mighty Wallet version of the wallet he gave to me. But I know that he would be very proud of the success of Dynomighty and he would have loved to see all the crazy product designs I come up with. I would love to hear what he would have say about these wacky products. He was always equipped with a zinger when he needed one and he didn't hold back when he wanted to speak his mind. I think he would be very proud and he'd brag about me and our family to all his friends. He would have used a Mighty Wallet himself so he could show it off to anyone he came across at the gas station, mall or track. But I don't know if he'd actually use the "My old wallet" though. He'd probably say "Jeez Terry, If you're gonna sell someone a paper wallet, the least you could do is clean it up and make it straight!" He is missed.
  • 7 Dec 2009
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www.dynomighty**** Made from a single sheet of a super strong micro fiber material, the Mighty Wallet™ has many great innovations not found in your traditional wallet. One of the most popular features of the Mighty Wallet™ is that it is recyclable. After its long life, you can recycle your Mighty Wallet™ with your other grade 2 plastics and now our packaging is also recyclable. Every Mighty Wallet™ comes with two interior pockets for cash and receipts, two inward facing credit card pockets to keep your credit cards safe, and two quick access business card pockets for when you are on the go. If you've ever tried to tear an express mail envelope open then you're familiar with just how strong this material really is...and the Mighty Wallet™ uses a thicker grade material than your typical mail envelope. The material, commercially called Tyvek®, feels like paper but is made of thousands of super fine plastic fibers spun in random interlocking patterns that give it so much strength. These wallets are actually lighter than water yet are resistant to tearing or ripping. The incredibly thin design is also expandable and adjusts automatically to fit how much stuff you stuff inside. Having no stitches allows the wallet to gradually release more storage capacity as needed. The Mighty Wallet™ will actually adapt to your own personal storage needs...Add more and get more with the Mighty Wallet™. This will happen right before your eyes as you fill the wallet it gets bigger... but it only takes up as much space as what you put inside it. If all you need to carry around is a couple cards and cash, this wallet is perfect for you. It can also be a great "night out" wallet keeping your silhouette slender and conveniently acting as a quick note pad on the go. The Mighty Wallet™ is also environmentally responsible in that 25% of its material comes from recycled milk and water containers. As the Mighty Wallet™ ages it will gradually soften and patina with time, becoming shaped and marked by your daily use. Even after a year of wear, your Mighty Wallet™ will still offer surprise and solicit intrigue... The Mighty Wallet™ by Dynomighty Design
  • 25 Apr 2009
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Our new best seller - Desk DOTS... is fun and function in one simple design. Available at www dynomighty com
  • 13 Jun 2008
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by Dynomighty Design (dynomighty dot com) Mighty Tags™ are environmentally responsible, with 25% of their composition coming from recycled milk and water containers. Mighty Tags™ are also 100% recyclable made from High density polyethylene (HDPE a grade 2 recyclable) which is commonly accepted in most recycling programs. Stand out from the crowd and protect your bags from mistaken identity with super strong eco-friendly Mighty Tags™. Travel smart, safe and green with Mighty Tags™. Use Mighty Tags™ one time or 100 times, made of the super strong micro fiber Tyvek®. Their incredible strength will stand up to the toughest use. Tyvek® is made of thousands of fine plastic fibers in random patterns that make it nearly impossible to tear.
  • 26 May 2009
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www.dynomighty**** A few months ago I was contacted by a producer of the Martha Stewart Show to make a tyvek wallet for the show. The wallet had to be made from materials that anyone could readily purchase and it had to be customizable with individual decorations. Most people are familiar with express mail (tyvek) envelopes so I tried to design a wallet that could be constructed from one single envelope without stitches or extra pieces or materials. This is the best I could come up with given very little time, but I hope you will like it. The final design uses the self-sealing closure of the envelope as the binding mechanism that holds the wallet together. The cool thing about Tyvek is that its 25% post-consumer and 100% recyclable.
  • 13 Apr 2008
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Tyvek Wallet Sale
  • 12 Apr 2008
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fun with fonts
  • 15 Dec 2007
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music Pop Model myspace****/popmodelberlin
  • 2 Dec 2007
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Featured in Playboy magazine these super tough wallets keep a slender profile for those nights out on the town. Don't carry a bag or be burdened by a thick old wallet pick up a tyvek wallet and see how they are nearly invisible even in your tightest jeans.
  • 28 Nov 2007
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OK its just like the old style bracelet but wait till you see the tun you can have w this one...
  • 28 Nov 2007
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I made this Bulletproof Vest image and screen printed it in gun metal silver on a solid black American Apparel 100% cotton machine washable T-shirt. Made in USA.
  • 8 Nov 2007
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Everyone thinks these wallets (that look like mail envelopes) are just made of paper and not very strong - I'm trying to show in these videos how strong they really are. This one was frozen in ice for a week and then smashed.
  • 8 Nov 2007
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These are all the rejected pieces of our Desk DOTS desk organizers... Its a little big for the desk but a lot of fun while "at work".
  • 8 Nov 2007
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The remants of this extra-terrestrial bracelet were found floating the streets of New York City - This video is salvaged from an eye witnesses video camera that was found on the stree the owner of this video is still considered by the police as a missing person.
  • 8 Nov 2007
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The rays of light are streaming down from this Unidentified Flying Object over the East River of New York City near the studios of Dynomighty Design, Inc. www.dynomighty****
  • 8 Nov 2007
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Some fun and crazy tricks you can do with the magnetic jewelry I design. The robot part is because sometimes the jewelry seems to have a mind of its own... watch
  • 27 Sep 2007
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super thin super strong and stealthy wallet
  • 23 Sep 2007
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