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    297 Club Review I Lead Generation: DON'T Pay For Leads Again 02:53

    297 Club Review I Lead Generation: DON'T Pay For Leads Again

    by educate2xl (1/22/13) 14 views This Lead Generation System finds leads for just about any industry on demand & contacts them for you so you don't have to deal with anymore rejection, like I used to. (Not Fun At All!) The system comes with 4 Lead Scraper Tools and a Voice Broadcaster is also included. You have everything you'll need to create unlimited leads & contact them in one place. There's even a Voice Recorder included as well. * One Time Purchase of $297 With NO Monthly Fees For a Video Demonstration of How the Tools Work & the Training you'll receive. Click the link: * I'm here also to provide Support to help you in any way I can * Now you can be in control of your lead generation without spending a lot of money. The 297 Club system is a great investment for your business & puts you in the Driver's Seat where You control your business again. If you have questions, feel free to give me a call at (228) 265-3696 Take care!! EXCITED About YOUR Success, Ivan Harris, Sr. "Marketing & Lead Generation Specialist" (228) 265-3696

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    What Happened To The American Dream? 06:30

    What Happened To The American Dream?

    by educate2xl (9/30/10) 94 views (Referrer: Ivan Harris) Are you one of the Thousands wondering what happened to the American Dream? Many are daily dealing with situations that are signs of the times: Laid Off, Jobless, Evictions & Foreclosures and are wondering what has gone wrong. The Main question on just about everyone's lips is What Do I Do Now? This video shows that in order to deal with these very real situations you have to think out of the box and find alternative ways create income other than or in addition to a J. O. B. (Just Only getting By) Here is a Powerful Alternative that will change your life!! Take an open minded look at: You'll be glad you did!! God bless you in your decision, Ivan Harris, Sr. "The Value Creator" Call Me: (228) 697-7751

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    Mentors: How Do I Pick The Right One? 04:40

    Mentors: How Do I Pick The Right One?

    by educate2xl (9/30/10) 16 views

    Finding the right mentor can make the difference between Real Success & total Failure. Countless people are searching the internet high and low to find the Right mentor who will really help them. But for most it becomes a wild goose chase ending with them spending a lot of money and still not having a good mentor or a Success plan to follow. In Frustration, many have just given up because they just don't know who they can trust. I also know the Real Frustration of being lied to and misled by so- called Gurus who are only looking out for themselves. So I decided to provide mentorship to those who are searching for someone to Finally tell them the truth about how to be Successful in making money on the Internet and not take advantage of them. Call me to learn real strategies that work and can give you a roadmap leading to creating Multiple streams of income: From How to Create Income Using Video Marketing, How to Really Get On Page One of Google without paying a Dime and other strategies that help to create income. I look forward to assisting you in reaching your Dreams!! With God's Help Your Success is Possible & Together We Can Do It!! Excited About Your Success, Ivan Harris, Sr. "The Value Creator" Call Me: (228) 697-7751

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    What Is The Law Of Attraction? 07:27

    What Is The Law Of Attraction?

    by educate2xl (7/18/08) 186 views

    There is NO SECRET mystery to what the Law of Attraction is. Anyone can learn how to attract people to themselves with the right info. This video tells what the Law Of Attraction really is. And how you can draw others to you like a magnet. ********************************************************* The KEY to success is growing in your knowledge and giving value to those who see or hear information that you display. ********************************************************* Here is a resource to help you build yourself & learn how to create value: Also with this resource you will learn how to take your current business to the next level. It's an AWESOME resource!! ********************************************************* Copy & paste the link below: ********************************************************* Here's To Your Future Success!! ********************************************************* Ivan Harris, Sr.

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    Water Divine: Liquid Nutrition For Optimal Health!!

    Water Divine: Liquid Nutrition For Optimal Health!!

    by educate2xl (6/5/08) 981 views

    Be Proactive about your health!! Preventing sickness is the key. Learn how to position the body to heal itself by giving it the proper nutrition daily. Water Divine is no longer available but I was blessed to find the same angstrom sized minerals with Water Oz. These Minerals are also Water Soluble, Angstrom Sized and Naturally Ionized. Which means the body recognizes it as food and absorbs it in immediately. These minerals have a 98% absorption rate into the body. For more information call (228)697-7751 or email me at Learn more about these Amazing minerals by visiting: