www.effinfunny**** brings you TJ Miller and his band of ridiculous character impressions. I defy you not to laugh.
  • 3 Jan 2008
  • 316
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Effinfunny**** presents Bobby Miyamoto on surfing, shark repellent, and limbless girls.
  • 3 Jan 2008
  • 304
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Effinfunny**** presents Tig Notaro and her little tittie committee. check effinfunny**** everyday for a new clip of stand up or sketch comedy. original. fresh. delicious.
  • 3 Jan 2008
  • 1 731
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*******www.effinfunny**** presents a the story of Josh the Elf which is about an elf trying to make it as an actor in Hollywood. Enjoy and happy holidays.
  • 23 Dec 2007
  • 71
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effinfunny**** comic Fahim Anwar stars in this commercial for Time Life's new holiday CDs. Order now! (don't actually order, they don't exist).
  • 19 Dec 2007
  • 344
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*******www.effinfunny**** presents mike rose as Josh the Elf. We shot this as an intro to our Holiday Viral Video Screening at The Empty Stage Comedy Theatre in West LA.
  • 18 Dec 2007
  • 124
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*******www.effinfunny**** presents the trailer for the new Coen Brothers holiday movie.
  • 17 Dec 2007
  • 214
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Effinfunny**** presents international news and weird stuff from nov 2007 in one quick clip. Saudi's executing teachers, Christians banning the Golden Compass, Marion Jones loses her medals, and musical notes are found in Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper.'
  • 10 Dec 2007
  • 395
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Effinfunny**** comedian Tony Sam has an exclusive look at the transcript to Bin Laden's latest terrorist letter to America. Seems like he's kind of losing his touch.
  • 6 Dec 2007
  • 486
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Effinfunny**** presents Fresh N' Funny's November 07 Celebrity News Remix. Evel Knieval and Gatorade inventor are dead, as is hulk hogan's marriage. Carson Daly breaks through the WGA strike. Lance Armstrong is doing Ashley Olson.
  • 5 Dec 2007
  • 411
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Effinfunny**** presents Fresh N' Funny's November 07 Politics Remix. Barack Obama's on drugs, the youtube debates, Rudy Giuliani's new campaign song, Mitt Romney doesn't believe that waterboarding exists and more!
  • 3 Dec 2007
  • 385
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www.effinfunny**** and TJ Miller encourage you to stop drawing dicks on peoples faces when they're passed out drunk
  • 19 Nov 2007
  • 37
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www.effinfunny**** presents Alex Nussbaum on ridiculous inventions that feul our innate desire to be lazy bastards. a new clip of original stand up or sketch comedy every day on effinfunny****
  • 14 Nov 2007
  • 196
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*******www.effinfunny**** presents Andy Ritchie. Thanks to the comedic stylings of andy ritchie, we're well on our way to solving the mystery behind bin laden's hiding spot.
  • 8 Nov 2007
  • 224
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Does Michael Batts look like Jamie Foxx. You decide. www.effinfunny**** for all your stand up comedy needs.
  • 17 Oct 2007
  • 1 729
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Martha Kelly wonders what it's like to be super organized. www.effinfunny**** for your daily dose of original stand up comedy from today's top comedians
  • 17 Oct 2007
  • 599
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Megan Mooney has a baby in desperate need of a tan. www.effinfunny**** is your home for new stand up comedy from today's top up and coming comedians
  • 17 Oct 2007
  • 2 542
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