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    Emarat Hug Cup

    Emarat Hug Cup

    by emirates77 (3/16/07) 8,160 views

    Isma3el Matar,,Leads Untied Arab Emirates Team To Winning Of The Gulf Cup Championship 18 For The First Time in Ball Emirates History...Congratulation Frm Heart To All UAE President.Player..Emirates People Beloved..QaTaR&Kuwait People...Finally Thanks God

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    The Mad Racing

    The Mad Racing

    by emirates77 (5/21/07) 1,687 views

    Drag Race...Pontiac VS Wally...Thanks God The Pontiac Car Driver Is Not Injured By The Accident And He With Health Goood,The Speed (290)km

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    Freej Cartoon Trailer 01:10

    Freej Cartoon Trailer

    by emirates77 (5/21/07) 11,504 views

    the Middle Eastâfirst 3D animated series,FREEJ is the tale of four old national women living in a secluded neighborhood in modern day Dubai

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    Rare Frilled Shark

    Rare Frilled Shark

    by emirates77 (1/25/07) 231,925 views

    Scientists in Japan got a rare glimpse of a living fossil when a rare shark species that typically lives thousands of feet down in the ocean was captured on video swimming near the surface. Researchers think the rare (and scary-looking) 'frilled shark' was ill, causing it to surface. It later died

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    The Nokia N93i 01:08

    The Nokia N93i

    by emirates77 (3/10/07) 12,437 views

    The Nokia N93i, which is based on S60 3rd Edition software on Symbian OS, is expected to start shipping in volumes during the first quarter of 2007 with an estimated, pre-tax, unsubsidized sales price of approximately 600 euros

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