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Curtains i) Curtains are a piece of fabric that is hung at a window for privacy, light and dust control and for decorating a home ii) Curtains can be made from a wide variety of fabrics which include: Cotton, Jacquard, Linen, Chenille, Voile, Satin, sheer, silk, print, heavy weight fabric, hard wearing fabric and velvet iii) Some of the benefits that curtains carry with them are: i It can control the temperature of a room by preventing excess sunlight enter the room thereby it reduces the energy required to cool the room ii Curtains are available in a wide range of hues and patterns and can be easily customized to enhance the colors and aesthetics of the room iii Dust control: curtains prevent the buildup of dust in the room by gathering dust from places close to them iv) There are a wide variety of curtain styles such as curtain valance, casement curtains, French pleat curtains, tab top curtains, and decorative curtains Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Best Curtains for Living Room ie at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/dubai/curtains
  • 20 Mar 2017
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CCTV Systems - Surveillance and Control CCTV refers to closed-circuit television This means that you can monitor your property over a secure line of media transmission These ‘closed-circuit’ systems are only accessible to displays and monitors that are authorized or allowed to access its live feed CCTV is the most common type of surveillance system used in Homes, Schools, Businesses, Offices, Public facilities, Industries, and much more CCTV systems use NVRs (network video recorders) and servers to store surveillance data to be reviewed in the future The latest NVRs are capable of recording media from several HD input streams, with multiple channel outputs, ideal for all kinds of field applications Infrared Cameras detect infrared (or heat) signals which is transmitted to display a thermal imaging feed on a monitor IP cameras are those that use secure IP or a secure network to transmit a live feed to authorized receivers CCTV cameras are either equipped with a dome, box or motion-controlled casing, which is usually resistant to threats like Vandalism and Weather conditions CCTV systems are commonly integrated with other ELV systems to achieve exceptional automation, as well as improved building functionality Visit Oasis Enterprises Official Website CCTV Camera UAE | Video Surveillance Systems UAE i e at *******www oasisppd com/estore/index php?module=view/category&MsID=4
  • 6 Mar 2017
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Sofa and Furniture Manufacturers in UAE Sofas or Sofa sets are prime pieces of living room furniture. Choosing the right sofa meets somewhere in the middle of comfort and visual appeal Here are a few noteworthy prerequisites to buying the perfect cozy yet elegant sofa or sofa set, that fits right in Space Measurement - Measuring how much space you have is a critical factor. Regardless of how nice the sofa is, buying a sofa that does not fit is pointless Size consideration - Choosing the right size is important. Too big a sofa means less place and too small a sofa means less comfort. Type & design - Choosing the ideal sofa should enhance the look of your room. Low sofas are ideal for rooms with low ceilings, making the ceiling look higher than it is Fabric & Finish - Choosing the right fabric with the right feel that is comfortable and does not hinder the room’s appeal is key. Not only do fabrics differ, but so do their designs and their effect on the overall appearance Color & Contrast - Neutral colors are always in vogue, with a vibe of elegance and luxury. In some cases, color contrasting works exceptionally, making a room far more attractive Cushions & Accessories - Although comfort and a personal touch is rewarding, too much is too bad. Cushions, Cushion covers and embroidered cushions can turn a house into a home Ultimately personal preference is the highest force in play, whether in choosing a sofa, a coffee table or a shoe rack But these few point can help narrow your choices, making the process easier. Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturer in UAE *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/furniture-dealers-and-manufacturers
  • 15 Feb 2017
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Benefits of Online Advertising Being the digital age, online advertising has proven to be a vital component in increasing the revenue and sales of companies and organizations Online advertising uses attractive text, graphic and video ads to attract customers Strategically placing display ads is critical in the effectiveness and reach of online ads Target ads help create a successful ad campaign, getting ads noticed by the right target audience There are many benefits of online marketing, a few of which are: -Geo-targeting -Relevant featuring -Transparency -Low costs -Alternative to expensive contracts Geo-Targeting - Complete personalization of online display ads allow clients to customize their advertisements to zero in on specific markets, based on geolocation. A good example being pizza delivery in particular areas, with a menu or offers and contact info Relevant Featuring - Online advertising allows clients to display ads on relevant sites, to improve the relevance of the ads with the interests of the viewers This improves the possibility of the ad getting clicked and getting noticed Transparency - Online ad providers offer complete transparency to track the success of one’s ads Weekly and monthly views and clicks allow clients to make changes to build a successful campaign Low Costs - The cost of online advertising, when compared to other means of advertising, is much lower, and allows for a much wider reach with limited resources These ads are also much easier to change and tweak from time to time Alternative to expensive contracts - Other means of advertising like event promotion, sales, and political campaign promotion can be heavy on the wallet, and usually long-term contracts for decent exposure Online advertising costs less and can be completely controlled by the client Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Online Advertising Services for Business *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/online-advertising
  • 8 Feb 2017
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Marine and offshore surveyors inspect a boat, yacht or an offshore platform. They also survey small commercial ships, tugs, trawlers, dredgers, ex-barges and narrow boats of varying types and sizes The job of a marine surveyor is to ascertain whether the vessel is in a suitable and sea, or river worthy condition. This is the basic task of a marine and offshore surveyor Marine surveyors are also called to investigate the causes of an accident, because they can provide expert advice on a ship or a boat Marine surveyors are either find employment in large insurance companies or can specialize in inspecting small vessels that are used for pleasure boating They can also specialize in a particular area such as inland waterway craft, wooden hulls and so on While, a marine surveyor conducts a survey, he/she inspects the structure and condition of the hull and checks for delamination They also check the moisture levels using a moisture meter The deck is also checked for structural issues which include checking the plumbing, and electrical systems as well as fuel, exhaust, and steering systems The engine and the mechanical system are also inspected. Some surveyors do compression checks on gasoline engines and outboards During the survey water or sea trials are also conducted, where the boat is taken out to sea to test the engines and other equipment And during an out of water inspection the boat is lifted up for a full bottom inspection as the underwater condition of the vessel needs to be checked Contact yellowpages-uae com to Contact Marine and Offshore Consultants i e at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/marine-and-offshore-surveyors
  • 19 Jan 2017
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A Contractor is one who oversees the work that is undertaken and acts on the advice of the engineer The contractor is accountable for ensuring the required materials for construction are at the site Contractors manage the staff and provide them with amenities He ensures that the project is uninterrupted and completed within the specified time In the UAE, contractors are indispensable, with the extensive range of construction projects undertaken in the nation A contractor performs certain other duties as well, such as Ensuring that the assets in his possession are secure, The proper disposal of waste, To maintain records of payments of cash, Application for building permits Visit Yellowpages-UAE official website to know more about “Construction Contractors in Sharjah” at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/sharjah/contractors
  • 23 Nov 2016
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Visit Yellowpages-UAE Website for more information about CCTV Security Camera and Suppliers in Sharjah
  • 16 Nov 2016
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A solar pump is a pump that is powered with the heat and radiation of the sun. A solar pump uses solar energy which is then converted into electrical energy to pump water. The advantages of using a solar pump are varied: Solar powered pumps are environment friendly because the system functions on power that is generated form a solar photovoltaic system. It is economical to use a solar pump because of the unlimited source of solar energy which is available and therefore there is no fuel cost. A solar pump could function for a long duration of time and is also one of the most durable types of pumps. It is also easy to operate and maintain. A solar pump can be used to draw clean water which could be used for drinking, sanitation and irrigations. Electricity is not required for the functioning of a solar pump and it reduces dependence of rainfall for irrigation. Contact yellowpages-uae**** for Solar Water Pumps Companies in UAE i.e. at *******www.yellowpages-uae****/uae/solar-pumps
  • 2 Nov 2016
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1. Concrete is a combination of water cement and soil that hardens over time. 2. Versatility, durability, and economic prices have made concrete products the world's most utilized construction material. 3. Portlandcement or the modern cement is the elementary raw material used in concrete materials. 4. Cement is mixed with limestone, earth, shale, calcium oxide, silica, alumina, and iron to form Concrete products. 5. The UAE utilizes around 560 million cubic yards of prepared blended concrete every year. 6. Concrete Products in UAE are utilized as a part of superhighways, roads, parking areas, parking structures, elevated structures, dams, homes, floors, walkways, carports, roofing etc. 7. There are various kinds of concrete products available in the UAE that are made using various proportions of various ingredients. 8. Most commonly available concrete products in the UAE are solid blocks, hollow blocks, light weight masonry block, concrete pipes, ready mix and thermal acoustic cement blocks. 9. There are numerous companies in the UAE that help in the concrete product business. 10. Yellowpages-UAE**** provides you with the information of the concrete products dealers in the UAE. Find more information about Concrete Products Manufacturers in Dubai with yellowpages-uae**** *******www.yellowpages-uae****/uae/dubai/concrete-products
  • 21 Oct 2016
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1. Event management industry is the most sought after industry in the UAE. 2. With the growing number of events every year in the UAE there is huge demand for event management professionals around the nation. 3. Event management deals with planning, strategizing and coordinating the execution of an event. 4. There are various types of events which require different types of planning. 5. To name a few corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions, product activations, etc. 6. Annually the UAE sees about 3000 world class shows across various industries. 7. Event management deals with the sourcing of man power and material. 8. An event manager is a person who deals with managing the event. 9. There are various event managing organizations blooming in the UAE 10. Event management industries in the UAE are considered to be the most innovative industry in the UAE. Find more information about Event Management Companies in Dubai with yellowpages-uae**** *******www.yellowpages-uae****/uae/dubai/event-management-services
  • 14 Oct 2016
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Lightning is a very common phenomenon all around the world. This naturally occurring phenomenon sometimes can cause a lot of damages if your house, community, or offices are not protected. The lightning occurs because the clouds are negatively charged and they get attracted to positively charged ground which acts as a magnet, since opposite polarity charges attract, thereby causing lightning. This lightning strike towards the ground, sometimes strikes a building. If the building does not have any grounding mechanism installed, then all the electrical appliances would be damaged and there can be loss of life. Licensed companies and professionals can safely install the grounding system which will enable the lightning to move directly into the ground. These professionals survey the entire house and the landscape around before installing the system, since a lot of factors affect this. But the second way is taking care of personal safety by staying away from electrical and plumbing equipments, unplugging all electrical devices and switching off the rest, once thunder is heard. Find more information about Lightning Protection Equipment Suppliers Dubai with yellowpages-uae**** *******www.yellowpages-uae****/uae/dubai/earthing-and-lightning-protection-equipment
  • 5 Oct 2016
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Steel Fabricators 1. Steel fabrication is a business that thrives in the UAE 2. Steel fabrication plays a very important role in the modern architecture. 3. Steel fabricators are designers who deal with fabrication of the metal 4. Steel is an alloy of iron. 5. Steel is the most suited material for fabrication due to its higher ductile strength. 6. Steel fabricators use the state of the art technology to develop steel structures that are used for various purposes in the construction field. 7. Steel fabricators are design extensive models that are used in the production of automobiles, machinery, and construction. 8. Steel fabrication primarily supports innovative architecture. 9. Steel fabricators work along with engineers to construct realistic structures, frameworks, and rigs. 10. Steel fabrication has made life in construction easier as it is economic and efficient than concrete fabrication. Find more information about Stainless Steel Fabricators in Dubai with Yellowpages-uae**** *******www.yellowpages-uae****/uae/dubai/steel-fabricators-and-engineers
  • 22 Sep 2016
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Car hire and leasing refers to a company renting automobiles for short periods of time. Car hire generally ranges from a few hours to a few weeks for a set fee. Car hire is often organized with numerous local branches which allow a user to return a vehicle to a different location. Car hire services are usually located near airports or busy city areas. Car hire is a cheap option viable for those on a visit or owners of damaged or destroyed vehicles who are awaiting repair or insurance compensation. Car rental agencies also rent vans and trucks. Car hire and leasing also offers extra products such as insurance and GPS navigation systems. Find more information about Car Hire and Rental in Dubai with yellowpages-uae**** *******www.yellowpages-uae****/uae/dubai/car-hire-and-leasing
  • 14 Sep 2016
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