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911 dispatchers are the world’s most underpaid employees. These pics depict their helpless plight as they struggle to deal with super stupid people who call over the most mundane issues.
  • 19 Jan 2019
  • 2 321
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Human nature is to do exactly what they have been warned against. These pics are the testimonials of people who break rules for the sake of breaking them.
  • 17 Jan 2019
  • 2 904
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This collection is almost perfect where all the images nailed it but almost. I guess you are kinda confused so I suggest you take a look.
  • 16 Jan 2019
  • 1 558
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These receipts are hilariously ingenious. Next time you throw away a receipt from a burger joint or supermarket, stop and check- there might be a surprise waiting for you!
  • 15 Jan 2019
  • 1 694
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We all want to make our wedding memorable. So did these people, only they let their imaginations run a little wild.
  • 14 Jan 2019
  • 6 936
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No doubt we have done something totally wrong at some point of time in our life. But ever imagined of doing something in the opposite way it needs to be done.
  • 11 Jan 2019
  • 2 100
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In the images, it might look funny but when you endure it in real life, you won't be laughing. You might have been in one or two situations.
  • 7 Jan 2019
  • 1 738
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They might not be noticing that they are doing things completely wrong. Is there no one to correct them and make all the wrongs right?
  • 4 Jan 2019
  • 3 257
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Everyone does. Admit it, you wish you could get something for free; we all do. These pictures will turn you green.
  • 2 Jan 2019
  • 3 038
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Our minds work all the time but most efficiently when in shower. The thoughts we end up having are so deep and scarring.
  • 31 Dec 2018
  • 3 692
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Nothing can possibly top the years you spend at college just before you have to become proper adults. Here are 26 awesome pictures from college lives well spent.
  • 28 Dec 2018
  • 9 285
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Most sensible adults hate their jobs and their bosses. These pictures depict what happens when you put irritated overworked employees in charge of advertising campaigns and important projects.
  • 26 Dec 2018
  • 2 071
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The following compilation of images includes some of the low-blows that are dirty and disrespectful but you would still love to see them.
  • 24 Dec 2018
  • 2 572
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No matter how handsome and attractive someone is, no one looks good every time. There are times when even the most beautiful faces twist in an ugly but funny manner. Here is a compilation of such faces.
  • 20 Dec 2018
  • 21 906
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History is made in these 27 pictures by these lawbreakers. Show off your unique swag, because if the signboard says restricted, it definitely means the opposite, right?
  • 19 Dec 2018
  • 4 135
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Want to be a star on April fool’s day? Here are 26 pics that will serve as a beginner’s guide to conning. Though, stay far away during prank execution if you like your head where it is!
  • 17 Dec 2018
  • 4 733
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From family tripling to cute messages and pop references, all these pictures are bound to turn your frown upside down!
  • 14 Dec 2018
  • 3 799
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25 pics that will make you wonder what the planners were on when they designed these structures. There’s nothing worse than your house playing tricks on you when you are in dire need of toilet paper.
  • 12 Dec 2018
  • 4 714
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