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These females are from different corners of the Earth and they give the examples why girls are not to be taken lightly as the weaker sex.
  • 21 Feb 2018
  • 108
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There are lots of things that I will say no to but these things are the topmost on the list created to see if everyone feels the way like me or not.
  • 20 Feb 2018
  • 895
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We think we only do the weird things! how retards like us exist all over the universe! I would just have it as an audience woo-ing and applauding
  • 17 Feb 2018
  • 25 216
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What kind of toilets have you been through? ahh! ah, boring place to be in? Look at these weird toilet designs that can actually make your Poop session interesting.
  • 15 Feb 2018
  • 3 515
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Most of the time people never know when to quit after having few pegs and they do some really weird things which they regret later.
  • 13 Feb 2018
  • 5 265
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Probably the best times of people’s lives are their college days so let us remember the salacity with this collection of college day situations.
  • 8 Feb 2018
  • 1 739
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There are a lot of things that catch your attention for no good reason; they are just unusual things that you don’t get to see every day.
  • 6 Feb 2018
  • 2 975
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Sometimes while we click a photo for a memory or some fun it contains some funny or homogeneous contents which is much more than anyone expects from a photo clicked.
  • 1 Feb 2018
  • 4 766
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Whether taken through careful preparation and calculation or completely by accident, perfectly timed photos are an absolute joy to look at
  • 30 Jan 2018
  • 43 690
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These images clearly shows that difference by comparing those expectation on one side and reality on other.
  • 30 Jan 2018
  • 4 667
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These people are the world’s greatest fixers and problem solvers. There is practically nothing that they cannot fix or solve; see for yourself.
  • 27 Jan 2018
  • 4 339
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This gallery holds some of the most interesting and fun facts that you were unaware of and it's completely random in nature.
  • 25 Jan 2018
  • 6 303
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Here is a new meme collection going viral on the internet to satisfy your hunger and need for memes to laugh your heart out.
  • 23 Jan 2018
  • 4 805
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If the timing was an even a little off then these pictures would not have been so amazing and awe-inspiring. These are the results of perfect timing.
  • 20 Jan 2018
  • 31 292
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People are expert in doing things in a perfect way and same to same. These are some people who have nailed it correctly and showing off.
  • 18 Jan 2018
  • 35 019
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Things always does not go right and it is crazy because one have to endure it and its off the chart. Be aware people these situation might make you go gaga.
  • 16 Jan 2018
  • 6 099
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Who verbalizes that life does not give us a second chance, this gallery proves that we receive several chances in our day by day life which we don’t recall and expound as sh*ts.
  • 13 Jan 2018
  • 5 621
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One really does not need to be a rocket scientist to know how a normal group picture looks like. May be normal is too bizarre for them thus a little different.
  • 11 Jan 2018
  • 15 445
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