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    Celebrating Your Victories (day 17) 03:06

    Celebrating Your Victories (day 17)

    by eninva (4/15/11) 3 views

    http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D17-Video&aw=minaleads Celebrating your victories is an essential part to your success, it keeps you going forward. So in day 17 of the video marketing challenge i talk about its importance and how to celebrate in the right way. http:// eninva.com

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    Contributing to Society (Day 17) 04:14

    Contributing to Society (Day 17)

    by eninva (4/14/11) 7 views

    http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D17-Video&aw=minaleads The greatest feeling in life is the feeling of joy after helping people in need. In day 17 of the video marketing challenge i talk about contributing to society and everyone in your surroundings and how this has an magical effect. http://eninva.com

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    Facing Your Fears 04:49

    Facing Your Fears

    by eninva (4/13/11) 6 views

    http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D16-Video&aw=minaleads In day 16 I talk about our primary cause to why we fail with things in life. The primary cause to our failure is our emotions and the one emotion that destroys more dreams then any other is fear. http://eninva.com

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    Increasing Your Energy (Day 15) 03:52

    Increasing Your Energy (Day 15)

    by eninva (4/12/11) 4 views

    http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D15-Video&aw=minaleads Day 15 of the video marketing challenge is about increasing your energy. So in this video i talk about the importance of exercise and eating right. Your business of course requires allot of your energy so in order to make your business grow you also have to increase your energy. http://eninva.com

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    Solving Problems (Day 12) 03:02

    Solving Problems (Day 12)

    by eninva (4/9/11) 6 views

    http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D12-Video&aw=minaleads Day 12 of the video marketing challenge. There are many different ways of solving problems, some are more efficient then others. This video is a step by step method for solving problems. Enjoy! http://eninva.com

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    The Ability To Inspire 05:19

    The Ability To Inspire

    by eninva (4/8/11) 7 views

    http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D11-Video&aw=minaleads In this video which is the eleventh video in the video marketing challenge I show you my absolute favorite inspirational speech with Al Pacino from the movie Any Given Sunday http://eninva.com

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    CarbonCopyPro 05:40


    by eninva (4/7/11) 6 views

    http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D10-Video&aw=minaleads CarbonCopyPro is a leading company when it comes to teaching people to become home business owners and to learn people to work from home. They teach everything you need to know when it comes to online marketing and becoming an entrepreneur. http://eninva.com

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    Youtube Tags (Day 9) 04:30

    Youtube Tags (Day 9)

    by eninva (4/6/11) 11 views

    http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D9-Video&aw=minaleads An important step to video marketing is actually being seen. So in this video i discuss tagging and how write a good description. This can be done with good research. You will not only get ranked in Youtube but in google as well so you need to make sure your headline, your description and your tags are synced. http://eninva.com

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    The Traveler's Gift (Day 8) 05:30

    The Traveler's Gift (Day 8)

    by eninva (4/5/11) 7 views

    http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D8-Video&aw=minaleads http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D8-Video&aw=minaleads Day 8 of the video marketing challange. We talk about the book The traveler's gift: 7 decision that determine personal success written by Andy Andrews. http://eninva.com

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    Goal Setting (Day 7) 04:50

    Goal Setting (Day 7)

    by eninva (4/4/11) 11 views

    http://promarketingmethod.com/?site=100Millionaires&t=30DC-D7-Video&aw=minaleads Goal setting is a topic that has been discussed so many times and if you are intressted in personal development, chances are you probably know some of it but hey, goal setting is so important that it is worth bringing up again and again and again. Its almost impossible to get anywhere in life without clearly defined goals but when you know where you are going the next step will reveal it self. Great way of setting up goals The goal must be: S - Specific (or Significant). M - Measurable (or Meaningful). A - Attainable (or Action-Oriented). R - Relevant (or Rewarding). T - Time-bound (or Trackable). http://eninva.com

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