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    Clever Wallet 02:49

    Clever Wallet

    by ermak777 (7/3/08) 1,700 views

    This wallet practically "swallows" money. How to made magic wallet fast and easy. A very nice magic trick for kids.

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    Dollar Boiler 03:52

    Dollar Boiler

    by ermak777 (2/9/08) 24,855 views

    You can not always predict the outcome of a situation based upon intuition. It is very easy to boil water in a paper. It may not be a practical way to boil water, but it is a great way to teach kids, and maybe yourself, a few things, like physics, for example.

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    Magnetic Field 01:37

    Magnetic Field

    by ermak777 (1/25/08) 121,780 views

    ►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - This very simple electric motor is called a homopolar motor because the magnetic field does not change direction or strength. With only three parts, it is probably the simplest motor you can possibly make.

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    Homemade CD Player 02:38

    Homemade CD Player

    by ermak777 (1/18/08) 63,613 views

    CD-ROM Drive plays music without computer! Can you belive it? How to build CD-player using old CD-Rom drive and PC power supply. Do It Yourself!

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    Chinese Secret

    Chinese Secret

    by ermak777 (1/6/08) 1,532 views

    Great Chinese Secret Revealed! How chinese peoples using chinese sticks, when nobody from the Western world does not watch them!

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    Simplest Electric Motor 02:25

    Simplest Electric Motor

    by ermak777 (12/18/07) 218,417 views

    ►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - Build your own ultra-simple electric motor with only a battery, magnet, safety pins and a bit of wire. Takes only a minutes to build, but will keep you mesmerized for hours. Cool science project. Impress your friends. ►► http://Magnet4Power.Net -

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