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The 8 pins PIC12F683 microcontroller is one of the smallest members of the Microchip 8-bit microcontroller families but equipped with powerful peripherals such as ADC and PWM capabilities. This make this tiny microcontroller is suitable for controlling the DC motor speed. In order to demonstrate the PIC12F683 capabilities and to make this tutorial more attractive, I decided to use the PIC12F683 microcontroller to generate simple and yet fascinating laser light show from a cheap keychain laser pointer.
  • 21 Apr 2010
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As the electronics hobbyist one of knowledge that we have to be familiar with is how to make our own printed circuit board (PCB). Making our own simple single side PCB actually is not require a sophisticated technique and technology as you might think, instead most of the required materials is already available at your home.
  • 1 Feb 2010
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The mobile line follower robot is a type of mobile robot with only has one specific task which is to follow the line made with black tape over the white background or vise verse. The LFR perhaps is one of the most popular robot build by the robotics,
  • 9 Aug 2009
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I2C (read as I Square C) bus first introduced by Philips in 1980, because of its simplicity and flexibility the I2C bus has become one of the most important microcontroller bus system used for interfacing various IC-devices with the microcontroller. The I2C bus use only 2 bidirectional data lines for communicating with the microcontroller and the I2C protocol specification can support up to 128 devices attached to the same bus. For more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=744
  • 5 Feb 2009
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The PIC 16F690 is one of Microchip midrange 8-bit microcontroller that has a build in 10-bit resolution of Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) peripheral. The ADC is one of the important features that enable us to digitize our analog world. Usually we use the electronic sensor to convert the analog value to the voltage level value. For more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=660.
  • 21 Jan 2009
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Sometimes we need our microcontroller to interact with more human readable information. It will be better for us if we could make it display the words not just blinking the LED. Today most modern gadget such as mobile phone and PDA, use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) for interacting with us. In this project we will learn how to use the 2×16 LCD for displaying the rooms temperature. For more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=519
  • 1 Mar 2009
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PWM is used in many industrial mostly for controlling the motor speed. The PWM is used because its the most efficient method comparing to the analog one. Thats why most of the modern microcontrollers today have this features build in. For more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=224
  • 28 Dec 2008
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One of the important features in todays modern microcontroller is the capability of converting the analog signal to the digital signal. This feature allows us to process the analog world easily such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, distance, etc; which usually captured by electronics sensor and represent it on the change of voltage level. For more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=121
  • 7 Jan 2009
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Back in the old days the COM port or known as RS-232 (EIA-232 standard) is one of the essential communications protocol and hardware use in many computer system installation start from small UNIX machine to the mainframe. For more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=325
  • 21 May 2009
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The PIC microcontroller is quite popular in industrial and hobbyist, some of the newest 8-bit midrange Microchip PIC microcontroller with nanoWatt technology is PIC16F690, this 20 pin microcontroller has a build in peripherals such as ADC, UART, PWM, I2C, analog comparator and with 7KBytes program memory flash. For more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=365
  • 8 Mar 2009
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It’s interesting to explore what we can do with this tiny 8 pins; 8-bit microcontroller. The ATtiny13 is the smallest and cheapest Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller families but yet, it’s loaded with sophisticated peripherals such as two 8-bit PWM channels and 4 channels 10-bit ADC, for more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=479
  • 3 Jan 2009
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