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    Full Blown Maximum Velocity (FBMV) 11:26

    Full Blown Maximum Velocity (FBMV)

    by exphoenix (11/30/07) 337 views

    This is a short film created by the students of the People's Channel Summer Video Production Camp that I taught with Ned Phillips in 2007. This amazing mini Action Movie was written, directed, scored, animated, acted and mostly edited by the students at the camp. It is an amusing and well done short. Ned and I were producers, making sure each scene was well shot and cinematic, the kids shot it wide angle, which is why the film is 'letterboxed.' I also served as the special effects supervisor, creating, shooting and editing the exploding car sequence seen at the beginning. Not bad for Premiere Pro and a budget of twenty dollars. Enjoy!

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    Cindy Sheehan Peace Rally 10:26

    Cindy Sheehan Peace Rally

    by exphoenix (11/30/07) 215 views

    Spring of 2007 Cindy Sheehan spoke at an Anti-War Rally in Greensboro, NC. I was hired to shoot and edit the event, watch as I follow Cackalack Thunder, a politically based drum circle, and 500 peace-minded citizens on a two mile march through Downtown Greenboro to the rally point.

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    British Accent 18:32

    British Accent

    by exphoenix (5/21/07) 9,683 views

    In a small southern town, at a redneck bar, a has-been actor has a first meeting with a director that doesn't quite seem to have anything together. Starring John Windsor-Cunningham, Dakota Marcoplos, Marius Baud, Matt Gil and Phoenix as The Director with No Name. From an idea by Mary Janca and based on characters and situations in "27seconds" Filmed on location and fully improvised over a six hour period by John Windsor-Cunningham and Phoenix, this film was edited in two weeks to premiere at Phoenix's Photography Exhibit at the Tate St. Coffee House in Greensboro, NC March 10 2007.