Fueled by an undying, death defying love for his wife, a man is driven to commit a heinous crime. Facing charges of manslaughter, he argues against his lawyer's strategy to justify his horrible act, fearing he will kill again. EFAT is a totally Indie, Do it Yourself, micro budget, production using home made equipment and no one was paid. Produced by: James Forbes & Tina Forbes | Co-produced by: Miguel Amodio | Original Score by: Nicholas O'Toole | Written & Directed by: James Forbes
  • 30 Mar 2009
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Have you ever what drives men to rape? Is it to satisfy their sexual desire or is it to prove that thy can overpower anything weak? This stand alone tries to give us some insight on "John's" world views. Tony Grat stars in this promotional teaser for the film EYE FOR A TOOTH. This does not contain any footage from the full length festival film. Promo trailers will be done for the rest of the cast. Eye For a Tooth will be released to Film Festivals in 2008 Production Information: WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY: Miguel Amodio SHOT BY: Miguel Amodio EDITED BY: Miguel Amodio LIGHTING BY: Miguel Amodio SOUND BY: Terrance Holmes ART DIRECTION BY: Robert Bartling WARDROBE DESIGN BY: Brisco Diggs MAKE-UP BY: Clover Porche CAST: Summer Johnson, Celia de Blas & Tony Grat.
  • 22 Aug 2007
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